Book Volume 4876 2007

Selected Areas in Cryptography

14th International Workshop, SAC 2007, Ottawa, Canada, August 16-17, 2007, Revised Selected Papers


ISBN: 978-3-540-77359-7 (Print) 978-3-540-77360-3 (Online)

Table of contents (25 chapters)

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  1. Front Matter

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  2. Chapter

    Pages 1-16

    Reduced Complexity Attacks on the Alternating Step Generator

  3. Chapter

    Pages 17-35

    Extended BDD-Based Cryptanalysis of Keystream Generators

  4. Chapter

    Pages 36-55

    Two Trivial Attacks on Trivium

  5. Chapter

    Pages 56-73

    Collisions for 70-Step SHA-1: On the Full Cost of Collision Search

  6. Chapter

    Pages 74-83

    Cryptanalysis of the CRUSH Hash Function

  7. Chapter

    Pages 84-95

    Improved Side-Channel Collision Attacks on AES

  8. Chapter

    Pages 96-109

    Analysis of Countermeasures Against Access Driven Cache Attacks on AES

  9. Chapter

    Pages 110-125

    Power Analysis for Secret Recovering and Reverse Engineering of Public Key Algorithms

  10. Chapter

    Pages 126-137

    Koblitz Curves and Integer Equivalents of Frobenius Expansions

  11. Chapter

    Pages 138-154

    Another Look at Square Roots (and Other Less Common Operations) in Fields of Even Characteristic

  12. Chapter

    Pages 155-172

    Efficient Explicit Formulae for Genus 2 Hyperelliptic Curves over Prime Fields and Their Implementations

  13. Chapter

    Pages 173-183

    Explicit Formulas for Efficient Multiplication in \(\mathbb{F}_{3^{6m}}\)

  14. Chapter

    Pages 184-211

    Linear Cryptanalysis of Non Binary Ciphers

  15. Chapter

    Pages 212-231

    The Delicate Issues of Addition with Respect to XOR Differences

  16. Chapter

    Pages 232-245

    MRHS Equation Systems

  17. Chapter

    Pages 246-263

    A Fast Stream Cipher with Huge State Space and Quasigroup Filter for Software

  18. Chapter

    Pages 264-277

    Cryptanalysis of White-Box DES Implementations with Arbitrary External Encodings

  19. Chapter

    Pages 278-295

    Cryptanalysis of White Box DES Implementations

  20. Chapter

    Pages 296-310

    Attacks on the ESA-PSS-04-151 MAC Scheme

  21. Chapter

    Pages 311-327

    The Security of the Extended Codebook (XCB) Mode of Operation

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