Book Volume 4804 2007

On the Move to Meaningful Internet Systems 2007: CoopIS, DOA, ODBASE, GADA, and IS

OTM Confederated International Conferences CoopIS, DOA, ODBASE, GADA, and IS 2007, Vilamoura, Portugal, November 25-30, 2007, Proceedings, Part II


ISBN: 978-3-540-76835-7 (Print) 978-3-540-76843-2 (Online)

Table of contents (49 chapters)

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  1. Front Matter

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  2. GADA 2007 International Conference (Grid Computing, High-Performance and Distributed Applications)

    1. Front Matter

      Pages 1175-1175

    2. Chapter

      Pages 1177-1178

      GADA 2007 PC Co-chairs’ Message

    3. Keynote

      1. Chapter

        Pages 1179-1185

        Service Architectures for e-Science Grid Gateways: Opportunities and Challenges

      Data and Storage

      1. Chapter

        Pages 1186-1199

        Access Control Management in Open Distributed Virtual Repositories and the Grid

      2. Chapter

        Pages 1200-1213

        Transforming the Adaptive Irregular Out-of-Core Applications for Hiding Communication and Disk I/O

      3. Chapter

        Pages 1214-1232

        Adaptive Data Block Placement Based on Deterministic Zones (AdaptiveZ)

      4. Chapter

        Pages 1233-1243

        Keyword Based Indexing and Searching over Storage Resource Broker


      1. Chapter

        Pages 1244-1263

        eCube: Hypercube Event for Efficient Filtering in Content-Based Routing

      2. Chapter

        Pages 1264-1279

        Combining Incomparable Public Session Keys and Certificateless Public Key Cryptography for Securing the Communication Between Grid Participants

      Collaborative Grid Environment and Scientific Grid Applications (Short Papers)

      1. Chapter

        Pages 1280-1287

        A Service-Oriented Platform for the Enhancement and Effectiveness of the Collaborative Learning Process in Distributed Environments

      2. Chapter

        Pages 1288-1295

        Social Networking to Support Collaboration in Computational Grids

      3. Chapter

        Pages 1296-1303

        A Policy Based Approach to Managing Shared Data in Dynamic Collaborations

      4. Chapter

        Pages 1304-1312

        Grid Service Composition in BPEL for Scientific Applications


      1. Chapter

        Pages 1313-1321

        Efficient Management of Grid Resources Using a Bi-level Decision-Making Architecture for “Processable” Bulk Data

      2. Chapter

        Pages 1322-1330

        Towards an Open Grid Marketplace Framework for Resources Trade

      3. Chapter

        Pages 1331-1348

        A Hybrid Algorithm for Scheduling Workflow Applications in Grid Environments (ICPDP)

      4. Chapter

        Pages 1349-1366

        Contention-Free Communication Scheduling for Group Communication in Data Parallelism

      5. Chapter

        Pages 1367-1384

        SNMP-Based Monitoring Agents and Heuristic Scheduling for Large-Scale Grids

      6. Chapter

        Pages 1385-1402

        HARC: The Highly-Available Resource Co-allocator


      1. Chapter

        Pages 1403-1416

        Assessing a Distributed Market Infrastructure for Economics-Based Service Selection

      2. Chapter

        Pages 1417-1434

        Grid Problem Solving Environment for Stereology Based Modeling

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