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New Trends in Fluid Mechanics Research

Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Fluid Mechanics (Shanghai, 2007)


ISBN: 978-3-540-75994-2 (Print) 978-3-540-75995-9 (Online)

Table of contents (247 chapters)

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  1. Front Matter

    Pages i-xii

  2. Plenary Lectures

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      Pages 1-6

      Biomechanics of Aquatic Micro-Organisms

    2. Chapter

      Pages 7-7

      An Investigation of Scalar Dispersion in Grid Turbulence

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      Pages 8-15

      Flow Control and Hydro dynamic Instability

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      Pages 16-22

      Recent Progress on Understanding and Modelling Ocean Wave Breaking

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      Pages 23-28

      Recent Progress on Understanding and Modeling Sediment Transport in Coastal Environment

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      Pages 29-36

      Turbulent Drag Reduction with Surfactant Additives — Basic Research and Application to an Air Conditioning System

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      Pages 37-44

      Research Progress on High-Enthalpy and Hypersonic Flows

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      Pages 45-52

      Numerical and Experimental Research on Cavitating Flows

  3. Flow Transition and Instability

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      Pages 53-56

      Modeling Flow Transition in Hypersonic Boundary Layer

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      Pages 57-60

      Three Important Theorems for Flow Stability

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      Pages 61-64

      Voltage-Induced Flow Instability and Turbulence in Banana-Shaped Liquid Crystal

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      Pages 65-68

      Stability Analysis of Boundary-Layer Transition Using Accurate Velocity Profiles Obtained by an Advanced LES

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      Pages 69-72

      Convection in a Fluid Layer Heated from below and Subjected to Time Periodic Horizontal Accelerations

    6. Chapter

      Pages 73-73

      Numerical Studies of Flow Past Two Side-by-Side Circular Cylinders

    7. Chapter

      Pages 74-74

      Essence of Inviscid Shear Instability: a Point View of Vortex Dynamics

    8. Chapter

      Pages 75-75

      Three-dimensional Evolution of the Flow Through a Curved Square Duct

    9. Chapter

      Pages 76-76

      Numerical Estimation of the Critical Reynolds Number for Flow Past one Square Cylinder with Symmetric Geometry Boundary Condition

    10. Chapter

      Pages 77-77

      Turbulent Transition in Plane Couette Flows

    11. Chapter

      Pages 78-78

      Solution to Stability Analysis in Stratified Liquid Film Flowing down an Inclined Heated Plate

  4. Turbulence

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      Pages 79-82

      Overview of Detached-Eddy Simulation for External and Internal Turbulent Flow Applications

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