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Lagomorph Biology

Evolution, Ecology, and Conservation

ISBN: 978-3-540-72445-2 (Print) 978-3-540-72446-9 (Online)

Table of contents (26 chapters)

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  1. Front Matter

    Pages i-xviii

  2. Palaeontology and Evolution

    1. Chapter

      Pages 1-9

      Introduction to the Lagomorpha

    2. Chapter

      Pages 13-25

      Prehistoric and Historic Artificial Dispersal of Lagomorphs on the Mediterranean Islands

    3. Chapter

      Pages 27-46

      The Lagomorph Fossil Record and the Origin of the European Rabbit

    4. Chapter

      Pages 47-63

      Inferring the Evolutionary History of the European Rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus) from Molecular Markers

    5. Chapter

      Pages 65-85

      Phylogenetic Aspects of Nuclear and Mitochondrial Gene-Pool Characteristics of South and North African Cape Hares (Lepus capensis) and European Hares (Lepus europaeus)

  3. Population Ecology and Dynamics

    1. Chapter

      Pages 89-102

      The World of Pikas

    2. Chapter

      Pages 103-113

      When? Where? and for How Long? Census Design Considerations for an Alpine Lagomorph, the Collared Pika (Ochotona collaris)

    3. Chapter

      Pages 115-124

      Weather Effects on Reproduction, Survival, and Body Mass of European Rabbits in a Temperate Zone Habitat

    4. Chapter

      Pages 125-139

      Ecosystem Engineering Effects of European Rabbits in a Mediterranean Habitat

    5. Chapter

      Pages 141-152

      Forest-Fire Regime: The Missing Link to Understand Snowshoe Hare Population Fluctuations?

    6. Chapter

      Pages 153-164

      Introduced Lagomorphs as a Threat to “Native” Lagomorphs: The Case of the Eastern Cottontail (Sylvilagus floridanus) in Northern Italy

    7. Chapter

      Pages 167-185

      Testing Multiple Hypotheses to Identify Causes of the Decline of a Lagomorph Species: The New England Cottontail as a Case Study

  4. Physiology and Behaviour

    1. Chapter

      Pages 189-209

      Many Common Odour Cues and (at Least) One Pheromone Shaping the Behaviour of Young Rabbits

    2. Chapter

      Pages 211-223

      Mother-Young and Within-Litter Relations in the European Rabbit Oryctolagus cuniculus

    3. Chapter

      Pages 225-240

      Fertility and Infertility in the European Hare Lepus europaeus in Australia

    4. Chapter

      Pages 241-249

      A Review of Competition between Rabbits (Oryctolagus cuniculus) and Hares (Lepus europaeus)

  5. Diseases

    1. Chapter

      Pages 253-261

      European Brown Hare Syndrome

    2. Chapter

      Pages 263-278

      How Many Caliciviruses are there in Rabbits? A Review on RHDV and Correlated Viruses

    3. Chapter

      Pages 279-293

      Geographic and Seasonal Variation in the Impact of Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease on European Rabbits, Oryctolagus cuniculus, and Rabbit Damage in Australia

  6. Conservation and Management

    1. Chapter

      Pages 297-315

      Conservation of Endangered Lagomorphs

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