Wildlife and Emerging Zoonotic Diseases: The Biology, Circumstances and Consequences of Cross-Species Transmission

ISBN: 978-3-540-70961-9 (Print) 978-3-540-70962-6 (Online)

Table of contents (19 chapters)

  1. Front Matter

    Pages i-vii

  2. Chapter

    Pages 1-31

    Introduction: Conceptualizing and Partitioning the Emergence Process of Zoonotic Viruses from Wildlife to Humans

  3. Chapter

    Pages 33-49

    Infectious Disease Modeling and the Dynamics of Transmission

  4. Chapter

    Pages 51-66

    The Evolutionary Genetics of Viral Emergence

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    Pages 67-83

    Influenza Viruses in Animal Wildlife Populations

  6. Chapter

    Pages 85-111

    Overviews of Pathogen Emergence: Which Pathogens Emerge, When and Why?

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    Pages 113-131

    Infection and Disease in Reservoir and Spillover Hosts: Determinants of Pathogen Emergence

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    Pages 133-159

    Henipaviruses: Emerging Paramyxoviruses Associated with Fruit Bats

  9. Chapter

    Pages 161-193

    Emergence of Lyssaviruses in the Old World: The Case of Africa

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    Pages 195-215

    Tuberculosis: A Reemerging Disease at the Interface of Domestic Animals and Wildlife

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    Pages 217-252

    Emergence and Persistence of Hantaviruses

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    Pages 253-288


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    Pages 289-324

    Ecological Havoc, the Rise of White-Tailed Deer, and the Emergence of Amblyomma americanum-Associated Zoonoses in the United States

  14. Chapter

    Pages 325-344

    Bats, Civets and the Emergence of SARS

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    Pages 345-361

    Poxviruses and the Passive Quest for Novel Hosts

  16. Chapter

    Pages 363-387

    Ebolavirus and Other Filoviruses

  17. Chapter

    Pages 389-443

    Pre-spillover Prevention of Emerging Zoonotic Diseases: What Are the Targets and What Are the Tools?

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    Pages 445-461

    Impediments to Wildlife Disease Surveillance, Research, and Diagnostics

  19. Chapter

    Pages 463-475

    Collaborative Research Approaches to the Role of Wildlife in Zoonotic Disease Emergence

  20. Chapter

    Pages 477-509

    Surveillance and Response to Disease Emergence

  21. Back Matter

    Pages 511-521