Cooperative Systems

Control and Optimization

ISBN: 978-3-540-48270-3 (Print) 978-3-540-48271-0 (Online)

Table of contents (23 chapters)

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  1. Front Matter

    Pages I-IX

  2. Chapter

    Pages 1-19

    Optimally Greedy Control of Team Dispatching Systems

  3. Chapter

    Pages 21-36

    Heuristics for Designing the Control of a UAV Fleet With Model Checking

  4. Chapter

    Pages 37-56

    Unmanned Helicopter Formation Flight Experiment for the Study of Mesh Stability

  5. Chapter

    Pages 57-66

    Cooperative Estimation Algorithms Using TDOA Measurements

  6. Chapter

    Pages 67-78

    A Comparative Study of Target Localization Methods for Large GDOP

  7. Chapter

    Pages 79-104

    Leaderless Cooperative Formation Control of Autonomous Mobile Robots Under Limited Communication Range Constraints

  8. Chapter

    Pages 105-115

    Alternative Control Methodologies for Patrolling Assets With Unmanned Air Vehicles

  9. Chapter

    Pages 117-138

    A Grammatical Approach to Cooperative Control

  10. Chapter

    Pages 139-156

    A Distributed System for Collaboration and Control of UAV Groups: Experiments and Analysis

  11. Chapter

    Pages 157-169

    Consensus Variable Approach to Decentralized Adaptive Scheduling

  12. Chapter

    Pages 171-184

    A Markov Chain Approach to Analysis of Cooperation in Multi-Agent Search Missions

  13. Chapter

    Pages 185-196

    A Markov Analysis of the Cueing Capability/Detection Rate Trade-space in Search and Rescue

  14. Chapter

    Pages 197-228

    Challenges in Building Very Large Teams

  15. Chapter

    Pages 229-253

    Model Predictive Path-Space Iteration for Multi-Robot Coordination

  16. Chapter

    Pages 255-268

    Path Planning for a Collection of Vehicles With Yaw Rate Constraints

  17. Chapter

    Pages 269-283

    Estimating the Probability Distributions of Alloy Impact Toughness: a Constrained Quantile Regression Approach

  18. Chapter

    Pages 285-296

    A One-Pass Heuristic for Cooperative Communication in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

  19. Chapter

    Pages 297-316

    Mathematical Modeling and Optimization of Superconducting Sensors with Magnetic Levitation

  20. Chapter

    Pages 317-338

    Stochastic Optimization and Worst-case Decisions

  21. Chapter

    Pages 339-350

    Decentralized Estimation for Cooperative Phantom Track Generation

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