Clinical Image-Based Procedures. Translational Research in Medical Imaging

Second International Workshop, CLIP 2013, Held in Conjunction with MICCAI 2013, Nagoya, Japan, September 22, 2013, Revised Selected Papers

ISBN: 978-3-319-05665-4 (Print) 978-3-319-05666-1 (Online)
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Table of contents (19 chapters)

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    Statistical Analysis of Relative Pose of the Thalamus in Preterm Neonates

  3. Book Chapter

    Pages 10-14

    Forming the Interface Between Doctor and Designing Engineer

  4. Book Chapter

    Pages 15-22

    Image-Based Bronchoscopy Navigation System Based on CT and C-arm Fluoroscopy

  5. Book Chapter

    Pages 23-30

    Path Planning for Multi-port Lateral Skull Base Surgery Based on First Clinical Experiences

  6. Book Chapter

    Pages 31-38

    On-Line Lumen Centre Detection in Gastrointestinal and Respiratory Endoscopy

  7. Book Chapter

    Pages 39-47

    Automatic Markov Random Field Segmentation of Susceptibility-Weighted MR Venography

  8. Book Chapter

    Pages 48-56

    MR Enterography Image Fusion in Small Bowel Analysis

  9. Book Chapter

    Pages 57-64

    Landmark-Based Surgical Navigation

  10. Book Chapter

    Pages 65-73

    Structure-Guided Nonrigid Registration of CT–MR Pelvis Scans with Large Deformations in MR-Based Image Guided Radiation Therapy

  11. Book Chapter

    Pages 74-82

    Placement of External Ventricular Drains Using an Average Model

  12. Book Chapter

    Pages 83-90

    Automated Kidney Detection and Segmentation in 3D Ultrasound

  13. Book Chapter

    Pages 91-98

    Surgical Workflow Analysis, Design and Development of an Image-Based Navigation System for Endoscopic Interventions

  14. Book Chapter

    Pages 99-107

    Automatic Optimization of Depth Electrode Trajectory Planning

  15. Book Chapter

    Pages 108-116

    Towards a Clinical Stereoscopic Augmented Reality System for Laparoscopic Surgery

  16. Book Chapter

    Pages 117-124

    Automatic Detection of Misalignment in Rigid 3D-2D Registration

  17. Book Chapter

    Pages 125-133

    Prototype Design and Phantom Evaluation of a Device for Co-registered MRI/TRUS Imaging of the Prostate

  18. Book Chapter

    Pages 134-142

    Modelling Smooth Intensity Changes in the Putamen for Diagnosis of Sporadic Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease

  19. Book Chapter

    Pages 143-150

    Inter-slice Correspondence for 2D Ultrasound-Guided Procedures

  20. Book Chapter

    Pages 151-159

    First Clinical Experience with BMD Assessment in Vertebrae Using Dual-Energy CT

  21. Back Matter

    Pages 161-162