Book 2014

Industrial Cloud-Based Cyber-Physical Systems

The IMC-AESOP Approach

ISBN: 978-3-319-05623-4 (Print) 978-3-319-05624-1 (Online)

Table of contents (11 chapters)

  1. Front Matter

    Pages i-xx

  2. Chapter

    Pages 1-22

    Towards the Next Generation of Industrial Cyber-Physical Systems

  3. Chapter

    Pages 23-47

    State of the Art in Industrial Automation

  4. Chapter

    Pages 49-88

    The IMC-AESOP Architecture for Cloud-Based Industrial Cyber-Physical Systems

  5. Chapter

    Pages 89-109

    Promising Technologies for SOA-Based Industrial Automation Systems

  6. Chapter

    Pages 111-135

    Migration of SCADA/DCS Systems to the SOA Cloud

  7. Chapter

    Pages 137-165

    Next Generation of Engineering Methods and Tools for SOA-Based Large-Scale and Distributed Process Applications

  8. Chapter

    Pages 167-182

    Migration of a Legacy Plant Lubrication System to SOA

  9. Chapter

    Pages 183-202

    Implementing Circulating Oil Lubrication Systems Based on the IMC-AESOP Architecture

  10. Chapter

    Pages 203-218

    Plant Energy Management

  11. Chapter

    Pages 219-230

    Building System of Systems with SOA Technology: A Smart House Use Case

  12. Chapter

    Pages 231-240

    Trends and Challenges for Cloud-Based Industrial Cyber-Physical Systems

  13. Back Matter

    Pages 241-245