Book 2014

Mental Health and Pain

Somatic and Psychiatric Components of Pain in Mental Health


ISBN: 978-2-8178-0413-2 (Print) 978-2-8178-0414-9 (Online)

Table of contents (15 chapters)

  1. Front Matter

    Pages i-viii

  2. Chapter

    Pages 1-2


  3. Chapter

    Pages 3-13

    Pain in Mental Health: Myths

  4. Chapter

    Pages 15-31

    Neurophysiology of Pain

  5. Chapter

    Pages 33-45

    Pain Perception in Mental Health: An Overview

  6. Chapter

    Pages 47-80

    Sex and Gender Differences in Pain and Mental Health

  7. Chapter

    Pages 81-97

    Chronic Pain and Depression: A Complex Epidemiological Picture

  8. Chapter

    Pages 99-117

    Pain in Depressive Disorders

  9. Chapter

    Pages 119-155

    Chronic Pain and the Anxiety Disorders: Epidemiology, Mechanisms and Models of Comorbidity, and Treatment

  10. Chapter

    Pages 157-171

    Could Schizophrenia Be a Refractory Condition to Central Pain Sensitization?

  11. Chapter

    Pages 173-181

    Why Does My Body Hurt? Somatoform Disorders and Pain

  12. Chapter

    Pages 183-190

    Pain in Suicidal Ideations and Behaviors

  13. Chapter

    Pages 191-209

    Pain in Children with Autism

  14. Chapter

    Pages 211-226

    Opioids and Pain: The Dark Side of the Moon

  15. Chapter

    Pages 227-259

    Assessment of Patients with Chronic Pain with or Without Comorbid Mental Health Problems

  16. Chapter

    Pages 261-307

    Treatment and Therapeutic Perspectives