Self-Service in the Internet Age

Expectations and Experiences


ISBN: 978-1-84800-206-7 (Print) 978-1-84800-207-4 (Online)

Table of contents (13 chapters)

  1. Front Matter

    Pages i-xii

  2. Chapter

    Pages 1-17

    Social Networking and eDating: Charting the Boundaries of an Emerging Self-Service Arena

  3. Chapter

    Pages 19-36

    The Role and Implications of the Internet in Healthcare Delivery

  4. Chapter

    Pages 37-62

    Self-Service and E-Education: The Relationship to Self-Directed Learning

  5. Chapter

    Pages 63-83

    Stakeholder Expectations of Service Quality in a University Web Portal

  6. Chapter

    Pages 85-110

    Cybermediation in the Tourism and Travel Industries

  7. Chapter

    Pages 111-137

    Tricks and Clicks: How Low-Cost Carriers Ply Their Trade Through Self-Service Websites

  8. Chapter

    Pages 139-160

    Experiences of Users from Online Grocery Stores

  9. Chapter

    Pages 161-171

    The Virtual Shopping Aisle: More or Less Work?

  10. Chapter

    Pages 173-193

    The Customer Rules and Other e-Shopping Myths

  11. Chapter

    Pages 195-212

    Internet Banking: An Interaction Building Channel for Bank-Customer Relationships

  12. Chapter

    Pages 213-229

    Sense or Sensibility?: How Commitment Mediates the Role of Self-Service Technology on Loyalty

  13. Chapter

    Pages 231-255

    Web-Based Self-Service Systems for Managed IT Support: Service Provider Perspectives of Stakeholder-Based Issues

  14. Chapter

    Pages 257-274

    An Explanatory Model of Self-Service on the Internet

  15. Back Matter

    Pages 275-277