The Geospatial Web

How Geobrowsers, Social Software and the Web 2.0 are Shaping the Network Society


ISBN: 978-1-84628-826-5 (Print) 978-1-84628-827-2 (Online)

Table of contents (25 chapters)

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  1. Front Matter

    Pages i-xiv

  2. Foundations Of The Geospatial Web

    1. Chapter

      Pages 3-14

      Towards the Geospatial Web: Media Platforms for Managing Geotagged Knowledge Repositories

    2. Chapter

      Pages 15-26

      Infrastructure for the Geospatial Web

    3. Chapter

      Pages 27-38

      Imaging on the Geospatial Web Using JPEG 2000

    4. Chapter

      Pages 39-44

      What's So Special about Spatial?

  3. Navigating The Geospatial Web

    1. Chapter

      Pages 47-54

      Conceptual Search: Incorporating Geospatial Data into Semantic Queries

    2. Chapter

      Pages 55-66

      Location-based Web Search

    3. Chapter

      Pages 67-78

      Ubiquitous Browsing of the World

    4. Chapter

      Pages 79-89

      Spatiotemporal-Thematic Data Processing for the Semantic Web

  4. Building The Geospatial Web

    1. Chapter

      Pages 93-104

      A Semantic Approach for Geospatial Information Extraction from Unstructured Documents

    2. Chapter

      Pages 105-115

      Enhancing RSS Feeds with Extracted Geospatial Information for Further Processing and Visualization

    3. Chapter

      Pages 117-128

      A Supervised Machine Learning Approach to Toponym Disambiguation

  5. Geospatial Communities

    1. Chapter

      Pages 131-140

      Geospatial Information Integration for Science Activity Planning at the Mars Desert Research Station

    2. Chapter

      Pages 141-152

      Inferences of Social and Spatial Communities over the World Wide Web

    3. Chapter

      Pages 153-158

      Participating in the Geospatial Web: Collaborative Mapping, Social Networks and Participatory GIS

    4. Chapter

      Pages 159-170

      Sharing, Discovering and Browsing Geotagged Pictures on the World Wide Web

    5. Chapter

      Pages 171-176

      Supporting Geo-Semantic Web Communities with the DBin Platform: Use Cases and Perspectives

  6. Environmental Applications

    1. Chapter

      Pages 179-190

      A Geospatial Web Platform for Natural Hazard Exposure Assessment in the Insurance Sector

    2. Chapter

      Pages 191-200

      Development, Implementation and Application of the WebGIS MossMet

    3. Chapter

      Pages 201-208

      European Air Quality Mapping through Interpolation with Application to Exposure and Impact Assessment

    4. Chapter

      Pages 209-214

      Introduction to Ubiquitous Cartography and Dynamic Geovisualization with Implications for Disaster and Crisis Management

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