Acute Heart Failure

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Table of contents (84 chapters)

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  1. Front Matter

    Pages i-xxvi

  2. Acute Heart Failure Syndromes: From Epidemiology to Clinical Practice

    1. Front Matter

      Pages 1-1

    2. Epidemiology and Definitions

      1. Book Chapter

        Pages 5-6

        Definitions of Acute Heart Failure Syndromes

      2. Book Chapter

        Pages 7-12

        Risk Stratification Models and Predictors of Mortality in Acute Heart Failure Syndromes, Based on United States Registries

      3. Book Chapter

        Pages 13-19

        Epidemiology and Management of Acute Heart Failure Syndromes in Europ

      4. Book Chapter

        Pages 20-29

        Epidemiology and Management of Acute Decompensating Heart Failure in the Asia-Pacific Region

      5. Book Chapter

        Pages 30-37

        Peculiarities of Acute Heart Failure Syndromes in Latin America and the Role of Chagas’ Disease

      Transition from Normal Physiology to Pathophysiology

      1. Book Chapter

        Pages 43-51

        Normal Physiology and Pathophysiology of Left Ventricular Systole

      2. Book Chapter

        Pages 52-62

        Normal Physiology and Pathophysiology of Left Ventricular Diastole

      3. Book Chapter

        Pages 63-69

        Normal Physiology and Pathophysiology of the Right Ventricle

      4. Book Chapter

        Pages 70-86

        Myocardial Protection from Ischemia and Reperfusion Injury

      5. Book Chapter

        Pages 89-111

        Receptor Signaling Pathways in Heart Failure: Transgenic Mouse Models

      6. Book Chapter

        Pages 112-117

        Acute Heart Failure and Cardiac Remodeling

      7. Book Chapter

        Pages 118-123

        Reactive Oxygen Species in Heart Failure

      8. Book Chapter

        Pages 124-133

        Mitochondrion: Key Factors in Acute Heart Failure

      9. Book Chapter

        Pages 134-147

        Immune System Alterations in Acute Heart Failure

      10. Book Chapter

        Pages 148-156

        Organ Perfusion in Acute Heart Failure Syndromes

      Clinical Scenarios

      1. Book Chapter

        Pages 161-167

        Dyspnea: How to Differentiate Between Acute Heart Failure Syndrome and Other Diseases

      2. Book Chapter

        Pages 168-182

        Acute Heart Failure in the Setting of Acute Coronary Syndromes

      3. Book Chapter

        Pages 183-199

        Acute Heart Failure and Myocarditis

      4. Book Chapter

        Pages 200-206

        Management of Severe Acute Heart Failure

      5. Book Chapter

        Pages 207-220

        Cardiogenic Shock

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