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Emergence of Communication and Language


ISBN: 978-1-84628-491-5 (Print) 978-1-84628-779-4 (Online)

Table of contents (22 chapters)

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  1. Front Matter

    Pages i-xI

  2. Introduction

    1. Front Matter

      Pages 1-1

    2. Chapter

      Pages 1-27


  3. Empirical Investigations on Human Language

    1. Front Matter

      Pages 28-28

    2. Chapter

      Pages 29-51

      Evolving Meaning: The Roles of Kin Selection, Allomothering and Paternal Care in Language Evolution

    3. Chapter

      Pages 53-70

      ‘Needs only’ Analysis in Linguistic Ontogeny and Phylogeny

    4. Chapter

      Pages 71-85

      Clues from Information Theory Indicating a Phased Emergence of Grammar

    5. Chapter

      Pages 87-103

      Emergence of a Communication System: International Sign

    6. Chapter

      Pages 105-127

      Distributed Language: Biomechanics, Functions, and the Origins of Talk

  4. Synthesis of Communication and Language in Artificial Systems

    1. Front Matter

      Pages 128-128

    2. Chapter

      Pages 129-150

      The Recruitment Theory of Language Origins

    3. Chapter

      Pages 151-187

      In silico Evolutionary Developmental Neurobiology and the Origin of Natural Language

    4. Chapter

      Pages 189-205

      Communication in Natural and Artificial Organisms: Experiments in Evolutionary Robotics

    5. Chapter

      Pages 207-221

      From Vocal Replication to Shared Combinatorial Speech Codes: A Small Step for Evolution, A Big Step for Language

    6. Chapter

      Pages 223-236

      Learning and Transition of Symbols: Towards a Dynamical Model of a Symbolic Individual

    7. Chapter

      Pages 237-252

      Language Change among ‘Memoryless Learners’ Simulated in Language Dynamics Equations

    8. Chapter

      Pages 253-267

      The Evolution of Meaning-Space Structure through Iterated Learning

    9. Chapter

      Pages 269-285

      The Emergence of Language: How to Simulate It

    10. Chapter

      Pages 287-303

      Lexical Acquisition with and without Metacommunication

    11. Chapter

      Pages 305-321

      Agent Based Modelling of Communication Costs: Why Information Can Be Free

    12. Chapter

      Pages 323-337

      Language Change and the Inference of Meaning

    13. Chapter

      Pages 339-353

      Language, Perceptual Categories and their Interaction: Insights from Computational Modelling

  5. Insights from Animal Communication

    1. Front Matter

      Pages 354-354

    2. Chapter

      Pages 355-386

      Emergence of Linguistic Communication: Studies on Grey Parrots

    3. Chapter

      Pages 387-401

      A Possible Role for Selective Masking in the Evolution of Complex, Learned Communication Systems

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