Regenerative Medicine and Cell Therapy


ISBN: 978-1-62703-097-7 (Print) 978-1-62703-098-4 (Online)

Table of contents (14 chapters)

  1. Front Matter

    Pages i-xiv

  2. Chapter

    Pages 1-22

    Cell Therapy for Neurodegenerative Disorders

  3. Chapter

    Pages 23-39

    New Prospects for Neural Stem Cell Therapies of Nervous System Diseases Toward the Establishment of Atypical Ectopic Perivascular Stem Cell Niches

  4. Chapter

    Pages 41-56

    Cultured Limbal Epithelial Stem Cell Therapy for Ocular Surface Diseases

  5. Chapter

    Pages 57-64

    Keratinocyte Stem Cells: Biology and Clinical Applications

  6. Chapter

    Pages 65-112

    Cardiac Regeneration with Stem Cells

  7. Chapter

    Pages 113-130

    Development of Biological Approaches to Improve Muscle Healing After Injury and Disease

  8. Chapter

    Pages 131-153

    Mesenchymal Stem Cells in Bone and Cartilage Regeneration

  9. Chapter

    Pages 155-168

    Pancreatic Reprogramming

  10. Chapter

    Pages 169-201

    Pancreatic Regeneration in the Face of Diabetes

  11. Chapter

    Pages 203-231

    Regenerative Therapies for Liver Diseases

  12. Chapter

    Pages 233-243

    Clinical Studies of Cell Therapy for Liver Cirrhosis

  13. Chapter

    Pages 245-277

    Stem Cell Applications for the Treatment of Gastrointestinal System Diseases

  14. Chapter

    Pages 279-300

    Germ Line Stem Cells: A Promising Alternative Source for Stem-Cell-Based Therapies in Regenerative Medicine

  15. Chapter

    Pages 301-312

    Cord Blood Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine

  16. Back Matter

    Pages 313-316