Redox-Mediated Signal Transduction

Methods and Protocols


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Table of contents (15 protocols)

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    The Role of Redox in Signal Transduction

  3. Book Protocol

    Pages 10-27

    The Measurement of Nitric Oxide and Its Metabolites in Biological Samples by Ozone-Based Chemiluminescence

  4. Book Protocol

    Pages 28-49

    Detection and Measurement of Reactive Oxygen Intermediates in Mitochondria and Cells

  5. Book Protocol

    Pages 50-64

    Redox-Sensitive Green Fluorescent Protein: Probes for Dynamic Intracellular Redox Responses. A Review

  6. Book Protocol

    Pages 65-75

    Measuring Redox Changes In Vivo in Leaves: Prospects and Technical Challenges

  7. Book Protocol

    Pages 76-83

    Imaging of Intracellular Hydrogen Peroxide Production with Hyper Upon Stimulation of Hela Cells with Egf

  8. Book Protocol

    Pages 84-96

    Tools to Investigate ROS Sensitive Signalling Proteins

  9. Book Protocol

    Pages 97-112

    Methods for Preparing Crystals of Reversibly Oxidized Proteins: Crystallization of Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase 1B as an Example

  10. Book Protocol

    Pages 113-134

    Methods for the Study of Redox-Mediated Changes in p53 Structure and Function

  11. Book Protocol

    Pages 135-148

    Redox Regulation and Trapping Sulphenic Acid in the Peroxide Sensitive Human Mitochondrial Branched Chain Aminotransferase

  12. Book Protocol

    Pages 149-159

    Detection of Carbonylated Proteins in 2-D SDS Page Separations

  13. Book Protocol

    Pages 160-174

    Analysis of Global and Specific Changes in the Disulfide Proteome Using Redox 2D-PAGE

  14. Book Protocol

    Pages 175-192

    Protein-Thiol Oxidation, From Single Proteins to Proteome-Wide Analyses

  15. Book Protocol

    Pages 193-209

    Analysis of Redox Relationships in the Plant Cell Cycle: Determinations of Ascorbate, Glutathione and Poly (ADPribose) Polymerase (PARP) in Plant Cell Cultures

  16. Book Protocol

    Pages 210-222

    Generation and Detection of S-Nitrosothiols

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