Adaptive Control, Filtering, and Signal Processing


ISBN: 978-1-4612-6439-2 (Print) 978-1-4419-8568-2 (Online)

Table of contents (18 chapters)

  1. Front Matter

    Pages i-xviii

  2. Chapter

    Pages 1-25

    Oscillations in Systems with Relay Feedback

  3. Chapter

    Pages 27-41

    Compatibility of Stochastic and Worst Case System Identification: Least Squares, Maximum Likelihood and General Cases

  4. Chapter

    Pages 43-64

    Some Results for the Adaptive Boundary Control of Stochastic Linear Distributed Parameter Systems

  5. Chapter

    Pages 65-88

    LMS is H Optimal

  6. Chapter

    Pages 89-133

    Adaptive Control of Nonlinear Systems: A Tutorial

  7. Chapter

    Pages 135-163

    Design Guidelines for Adaptive Control with Application to Systems with Structural Flexibility

  8. Chapter

    Pages 165-198

    Estimation-Based Schemes for Adaptive Nonlinear State-Feedback Control*

  9. Chapter

    Pages 199-204

    An Adaptive Controller Inspired by Recent Results on Learning from Experts

  10. Chapter

    Pages 205-228

    Stochastic Approximation with Averaging and Feedback: Faster Convergence

  11. Chapter

    Pages 229-239

    Building Models from Frequency Domain Data

  12. Chapter

    Pages 241-270

    Supervisory Control

  13. Chapter

    Pages 271-298

    Potential Self-Tuning Analysis of Stochastic Adaptive Control

  14. Chapter

    Pages 299-325

    Stochastic Adaptive Control

  15. Chapter

    Pages 327-344

    Optimality of the Adaptive Controllers

  16. Chapter

    Pages 345-349

    Uncertain Real Parameters with Bounded Rate of Variation

  17. Chapter

    Pages 351-358

    Averaging Methods for the Analysis of Adaptive Algorithms

  18. Chapter

    Pages 359-373

    A Multilinear Parametrization Approach for Identification of Partially Known Systems

  19. Chapter

    Pages 375-396

    Adaptive Filtering with Averaging