Primate Locomotion

Linking Field and Laboratory Research


ISBN: 978-1-4419-1419-4 (Print) 978-1-4419-1420-0 (Online)

Table of contents (17 chapters)

  1. Front Matter

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    Pages 1-6

    Introduction. Primate Locomotion: Toward a Synergy of Laboratory and Field Research

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    Pages 7-27

    Translating Primate Locomotor Biomechanical Variables from the Laboratory to the Field

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    Pages 29-46

    Studying Captive Ape Locomotion: Past, Present, and Future

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    Pages 47-59

    Experimental and Computational Studies of Bipedal Locomotion in the Bipedally Trained Japanese Macaque

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    Pages 61-82

    In What Manner Do Quadrupedal Primates Walk on Two Legs? Preliminary Results on Olive Baboons (Papio anubis)

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    Pages 83-108

    Scapula Movements and Their Contribution to Three-Dimensional Forelimb Excursions in Quadrupedal Primates

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    Pages 109-134

    The Influence of Load Carrying on Gait Parameters in Humans and Apes: Implications for the Evolution of Human Bipedalism

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    Pages 135-154

    Field and Experimental Approaches to the Study of Locomotor Ontogeny in Propithecus verreauxi

  10. Chapter

    Pages 155-182

    Comparisons of Limb Structural Properties in Free-ranging Chimpanzees from Kibale, Gombe, Mahale, and Taï Communities

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    Pages 183-199

    Field Study Methods for Primate Locomotor Ecology and Biomechanics

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    Pages 201-213

    Gibbon Locomotion Research in the Field: Problems, Possibilities, and Benefits for Conservation

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    Pages 215-245

    Posture, Ischial Tuberosities, and Tree Zone Use in West African Cercopithecids

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    Pages 247-269

    Forelimb Suspensory Gait Characteristics of Wild Lagothrix poeppigii and Ateles belzebuth: Developing Video-based Methodologies in Free-ranging Primates

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    Pages 271-287

    Gait and Kinematics of Arboreal Quadrupedal Walking of Free-ranging Red Howlers (Alouatta seniculus) in French Guiana

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    Pages 289-309

    From Treadmill to Tropics: Calculating Ranging Cost in Chimpanzees

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    Pages 311-333

    Linking Field and Laboratory Approaches for Studying Primate Locomotor Responses to Support Orientation

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    Pages 335-356

    Quadrupedal Locomotion of Saimiri boliviensis: A Comparison of Field and Laboratory-based Kinematic Data

  19. Back Matter

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