In Situ Remediation of Chlorinated Solvent Plumes


ISBN: 978-1-4419-1400-2 (Print) 978-1-4419-1401-9 (Online)

Table of contents (21 chapters)

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  1. Front Matter

    Pages i-xxxvi

  2. Chapter

    Pages 1-28

    Groundwater Contamination by Chlorinated Solvents: History, Remediation Technologies and Strategies

  3. Chapter

    Pages 29-37

    Chlorinated Solvent Chemistry: Structures, Nomenclature and Properties

  4. Chapter

    Pages 39-67

    Biodegradation of Chlorinated Ethenes

  5. Chapter

    Pages 69-108

    Abiotic Processes Affecting the Remediation of Chlorinated Solvents

  6. Chapter

    Pages 109-143

    Engineering and Implementation Challenges for Chlorinated Solvent Remediation

  7. Chapter

    Pages 145-184

    Modeling Remediation of Chlorinated Solvent Plumes

  8. Chapter

    Pages 185-216

    Impacts of Source Management on Chlorinated Solvent Plumes

  9. Chapter

    Pages 217-280

    DNAPL Site Characterization Issues at Chlorinated Solvent Sites

  10. Chapter

    Pages 281-307

    Remedial Technology Selection for Chlorinated Solvent Plumes

  11. Chapter

    Pages 309-324

    Bioremediation of Chlorinated Solvent Plumes

  12. Chapter

    Pages 325-355

    Monitored Natural Attenuation of Chlorinated Solvent Plumes

  13. Chapter

    Pages 357-423

    Biostimulation for Anaerobic Bioremediation of Chlorinated Solvents

  14. Chapter

    Pages 425-454

    Bioaugmentation for Anaerobic Bioremediation of Chlorinated Solvents

  15. Chapter

    Pages 455-480

    Air Sparging for the Treatment of Chlorinated Solvent Plumes

  16. Chapter

    Pages 481-535

    Chemical Oxidation and Reduction for chlorinated Solvent Remediation

  17. Chapter

    Pages 537-571

    Iron Barrier Walls for Chlorinated Solvent Remediation

  18. Chapter

    Pages 573-590

    Electrolytic Reactive Barriers for Chlorinated Solvent Remediation

  19. Chapter

    Pages 591-629

    In-Well Treatment for Chlorinated Solvent Remediation

  20. Chapter

    Pages 631-675

    Phytoremediation of Chlorinated Solvent Plumes

  21. Chapter

    Pages 677-697

    Cost Analyses for Remedial Options

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