Oxygen Transport to Tissue XXXI

  • Eiji Takahashi
  • Duane F. Bruley
Conference proceedings

DOI: 10.1007/978-1-4419-1241-1

Part of the Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology book series (AEMB, volume 662)

Table of contents (78 papers)

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxxviii
  2. Physiology and Pathophysiology of O2 Transport

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. Unfinished Physiology
      John W. Severinghaus
      Pages 3-5
    3. Could Dilated Cardiomyopathy Alter the Peripheral Microcirculation and Blood Rheology?
      Giuseppe Cicco, Valeria Fanelli, Sebastiano Cicco, Massimo Iacoviello, Stefano Favale
      Pages 41-47
    4. The Role of Glyoxalase System in Renal Hypoxia
      Reiko Inagi, Takanori Kumagai, Toshiro Fujita, Masaomi Nangaku
      Pages 49-55
    5. Intracortical Microcirculatory Change Induced by Anesthesia in Rat Somatosensory Cortex
      Kazuto Masamoto, Takayuki Obata, Iwao Kanno
      Pages 57-61
    6. Macrophages That Survive Hyperoxia Exposure Have Higher Superoxide Dismutase Activities in Their Mitochondria
      Kenichi Kokubo, Saki Soeda, Toshihiro Shinbo, Minoru Hirose, Noriyuki Fuku, Yutaka Nishigaki et al.
      Pages 63-69
    7. Diet-Induced Ketosis Improves Cognitive Performance in Aged Rats
      Kui Xu, Xiaoyan Sun, Bernadette O. Eroku, Constantinos P. Tsipis, Michelle A. Puchowicz, Joseph C. LaManna
      Pages 71-75
    8. The Effects of Cilostazol on Tissue Oxygenation upon an Ischemic-reperfusion Injury in the Mouse Cerebrum
      Takayuki Morikawa, Katsuji Hattori, Mayumi Kajimura, Makoto Suematsu
      Pages 89-94
    9. Effect of Transient Forebrain Ischemia on Flavoprotein Autofluorescence and the Somatosensory Evoked Potential in the Rat
      Takahiro Igarashi, Kaoru Sakatani, Tatsuya Hoshino, Norio Fujiwara, Yoshihiro Murata, Tsuneo Kano et al.
      Pages 95-100
    10. Assessing a Shift of Glucose Biotransformation by LC-MS/MS-based Metabolome Analysis in Carbon Monoxide-Exposed Cells
      Naoharu Takano, Takehiro Yamamoto, Takeshi Adachi, Makoto Suematsu
      Pages 101-107
    11. T-state Stabilization of Hemoglobin by Nitric Oxide to Form α-Nitrosyl Heme Causes Constitutive Release of ATP from Human Erythrocytes
      Tomotaka Akatsu, Kosuke Tsukada, Takako Hishiki, Kazuhiro Suga-numa, Minoru Tanabe, Motohide Shimazu et al.
      Pages 109-114
    12. Age-Related Changes in the Trachea in Healthy Adults
      Hiroaki Sakai, Yasutaka Nakano, Shigeo Muro, Toyohiro Hirai, Yasutaka Takubo, Yoshitaka Oku et al.
      Pages 115-120
    13. Polycythemia and Changes in Erythropoietin Concentration in Rats Exposed to Intermittent Hypoxia
      Makoto Ishii, Tokuzen Iwamoto, Asuka Nagai, Gen Sasao, Masayuki Iwasaki, Ichiro Kuwahira
      Pages 121-126
    14. A Case of HAPE on K2 and Literature Review
      Gen Sasao, Asuka Nagai, Tokuzen Iwamoto, Toshio Ichiwata, Ichiro Kuwahira
      Pages 127-132

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This book covers all aspects involved in uptake of oxygen from the air, transport by blood stream, and its ultimate consumption in the cell in various organs as discussed at the 36th Annual Meeting of the International Society on Oxygen Transport to Tissue (ISOTT) held in Sapporo, Japan in August 2008. Special attention will be paid to methods of oxygen measurement in living tissue and application of these technologies to understanding physiological and biochemical basis for pathology related to tissue oxygenation. This book is multidisciplinary and designed to bring together experts and students from a range of research fields including biomedical engineering, physiology, biochemistry, molecular biology, and clinical medicine.


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