Book Volume 21 2008

High-Resolution Approaches in Stratigraphic Paleontology


ISBN: 978-1-4020-1443-7 (Print) 978-1-4020-9053-0 (Online)

Table of contents (13 chapters)

  1. Front Matter

    Pages i-xv

  2. Chapter

    Pages 1-48

    The Limits of Paleontological Resolution

  3. Chapter

    Pages 49-94

    Best-Fit Intervals and Consensus Sequences

  4. Chapter

    Pages 95-128

    Combining Stratigraphic Sections and Museum Collections to Increase Biostratigraphic Resolution

  5. Chapter

    Pages 129-148

    Zoophycos, Systematic Stratigraphic Leaking, and Lamella Stratigraphy

  6. Chapter

    Pages 149-194

    Variation in Adult Size of Scaphitid Ammonites from the Upper Cretaceous Pierre Shale and Fox Hills Formation

  7. Chapter

    Pages 195-226

    Controls on Shell Shape in Acanthoceratid Ammonites from the Cenomanian-Turonian Western Interior Seaway

  8. Chapter

    Pages 227-261

    A Reappraisal of the Relationship between Sea Level and Species Richness

  9. Chapter

    Pages 263-313

    Diversity Patterns of Nonmarine Cretaceous Vertebrates of the Western Interior Basin

  10. Chapter

    Pages 315-350

    Use of Event Beds and Sedimentary Cycles in High-Resolution Stratigraphic Correlation of Lithologically Repetitive Successions

  11. Chapter

    Pages 351-419

    Late Devonian Sequence and Event Stratigraphy Across the Frasnian-Famennian (F-F) Boundary, Utah and Nevada

  12. Chapter

    Pages 421-437

    Vertebrate Biostratigraphy of the Smoky Hill Chalk (Niobrara Formation) and the Sharon Springs Member (Pierre Shale)

  13. Chapter

    Pages 439-459

    Limestone Concretions as Near-Isochronous Surfaces

  14. Chapter

    Pages 461-462

    CONOP9 Programs for Solving the Stratigraphic Correlation and Seriation Problems as Constrained Optimization

  15. Back Matter

    Pages 463-470