Book 2008

Insect Conservation and Islands


ISBN: 978-1-4020-8781-3 (Print) 978-1-4020-8782-0 (Online)

Table of contents (19 chapters)

  1. Front Matter

    Pages I-V

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    Pages 1-1

    A special issue on insect conservation and islands

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    Pages 3-10

    Insect conservation on islands: setting the scene and defining the needs

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    Pages 11-42

    Butterflies of European islands: the implications of the geography and ecology of rarity and endemicity for conservation

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    Pages 43-55

    Island size is not the only consideration. Ranking priorities for the conservation of butterflies on Italian offshore islands

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    Pages 57-69

    A multidimensional characterization of rarity applied to the Aegean tenebrionid beetles (Coleoptera Tenebrionidae)

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    Pages 71-82

    The occurrence and distribution of carabid beetles (Carabidae) on islands in the Baltic Sea: a review

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    Pages 83-97

    Conservation of Southern Ocean Islands: invertebrates as exemplars

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    Pages 99-111

    Preliminary conservation status and needs of an oceanic island fauna: the case of Seychelles insects

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    Pages 113-118

    Insect conservation in early succession on islands: lessons from Surtsey, Iceland, and the Krakatau Archipelago, Indonesia

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    Pages 119-129

    Issues and implications for research on disturbed oceanic islands illustrated through an ant survey of the Cocos (Keeling) Islands

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    Pages 131-138

    Conservation status and needs of butterflies (Lepidoptera) on the Torres Strait Islands

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    Pages 139-148

    Climate variability, biological control and an insect pest outbreak on Australia’s Coral Sea islets: lessons for invertebrate conservation

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    Pages 149-163

    Grasshopper outbreak challenges conservation status of a small Hawaiian Island

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    Pages 165-176

    History of weta (Orthoptera: Anostostomatidae) translocation in New Zealand: lessons learned, islands as sanctuaries and the future

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    Pages 177-188

    Possible rescue from extinction: transfer of a rare New Zealand tusked weta to islands in the Mercury group

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    Pages 189-203

    Population studies and conservation of Jamaica’s endangered swallowtail butterfly Papilio (Pterourus) homerus

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    Pages 205-219

    Notes on the biology, captive management and conservation status of the Lord Howe Island Stick Insect (Dryococelus australis) (Phasmatodea)

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    Pages 221-234

    Invasive species threats to native aquatic insect biodiversity and conservation measures in Hawai’i and French Polynesia

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    Pages 235-251

    Philosophical justifications for the extirpation of non-indigenous species: the case of the grasshopper Schistocerca nitens (Orthoptera) on the Island of Nihoa, Hawaii