Book Volume 17 2008

Managing Forest Ecosystems: The Challenge of Climate Change

ISBN: 978-1-4020-8342-6 (Print) 978-1-4020-8343-3 (Online)

Table of contents (18 chapters)

  1. Front Matter

    Pages i-ix

  2. Introduction

    1. Chapter

      Pages 3-11


  3. Overview of Climate Change and Forest Responses

    1. Chapter

      Pages 15-40

      A Mechanistic View of the Capacity of Forests to Cope with Climate Change

    2. Chapter

      Pages 41-60

      Greenhouse-gas Emissions from Temperate Mountain Forests

  4. Monitoring and Modeling

    1. Chapter

      Pages 63-81

      Estimating Carbon Stocks and Stock Changes in Forests: Linking Models and Data Across Scales

    2. Chapter

      Pages 83-102

      Forest Eco-physiological Models and Carbon Sequestration

    3. Chapter

      Pages 103-115

      Influence of Climatic Variables on Crown Condition in Pine Forests of Northern Spain

  5. Economic and Management Impacts

    1. Chapter

      Pages 119-135

      Influence of Carbon Sequestration in an Optimal Set of Coppice Rotations for Eucalyptus Plantations

    2. Chapter

      Pages 137-149

      Use of Forests and Wood Products to Mitigate Climate Change

    3. Chapter

      Pages 151-163

      Biomass Forest in Sweden and Carbon Emissions Balance

    4. Chapter

      Pages 165-177

      Taper Equations and Wood Products: Assessing the Carbon Flow of the Forest Through Its Products

    5. Chapter

      Pages 179-194

      Forest Management Strategies and Carbon Sequestration

    6. Chapter

      Pages 195-218

      Analysing the Effects of Forest Structure on Carbon Stocks and Timber Production Under Changing Management and Climate

  6. Case Studies

    1. Chapter

      Pages 221-245

      Carbon Sequestration in Mediterranean Pine Forests

    2. Chapter

      Pages 247-267

      Carbon Sequestration of Ponderosa Pine Plantations in Northwestern Patagonia

    3. Chapter

      Pages 269-282

      Assessing Pine Wilt Disease Risk Under a Climate Change Scenario in Northwestern Spain

    4. Chapter

      Pages 283-296

      Dynamics of Soil Carbon in Primary and Secondary Tropical Forests in Colombia

    5. Chapter

      Pages 297-315

      Carbon Sequestration Potential of Mangroves in Southeast Asia

    6. Chapter

      Pages 317-338

      Silviculture and Carbon Sequestration in Mediterranean Oak Forests

  7. Back Matter

    Pages 339-339