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Knowing, Knowledge and Beliefs

Epistemological Studies across Diverse Cultures


ISBN: 978-1-4020-6595-8 (Print) 978-1-4020-6596-5 (Online)

Table of contents (21 chapters)

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  1. Front Matter

    Pages i-xviii

  2. Introduction

    1. Chapter

      Pages 3-22

      Personal Epistemology and Culture

  3. Conceptual and Methodological Issues

    1. Chapter

      Pages 25-44

      Assessing Teachers’ Epistemological and Ontological Worldviews

    2. Chapter

      Pages 45-64

      The Evolution of Self-Authorship

    3. Chapter

      Pages 65-112

      Assessing the Multidimensionality of Students’ Epistemic Beliefs Across Diverse Cultures

    4. Chapter

      Pages 113-133

      Measurement of Epistemological Beliefs and Learning Strategies of Elementary School Children

  4. Empirical Studies on Cultural-specific Epistemology

    1. Chapter

      Pages 137-150

      University Cultures and Epistemic Beliefs: Examining Differences Between Two Academic Environments

    2. Chapter

      Pages 151-176

      Personal Epistemology in Elementary Classrooms: A Conceptual Comparison of Germany and the United States and a Guide for Future Cross-Cultural Research

    3. Chapter

      Pages 177-195

      A Sociocultural Exploration of Epistemological Beliefs

    4. Chapter

      Pages 197-218

      An Exploratory Study About the Role of Epistemological Beliefs and Dispositions on Learners’ Thinking About an III-defined Issue in Solo and Duo Problem-solving Contexts

    5. Chapter

      Pages 219-239

      Family Environment, Epistemological Beliefs, Learning Strategies, and Academic Performance: A Path Analysis

    6. Chapter

      Pages 241-255

      Global Certainty Beliefs and College Major: How Strong Are Socialization Effects?

    7. Chapter

      Pages 257-272

      Epistemological Beliefs, Learning, and Teaching: The Hong Kong Cultural Context

    8. Chapter

      Pages 273-285

      The Use of Internet-based Instruction for the Development of Epistemological Beliefs: A Case Study in Taiwan

    9. Chapter

      Pages 287-299

      Assessing the Epistemological and Pedagogical Beliefs Among Pre-service Teachers in Singapore

  5. Perspectives on Domain-Specific Epistemology

    1. Chapter

      Pages 303-323

      Applying the Theory of an Epistemological Belief System to the Investigation of Students’ and Professors’ Mathematical Beliefs

    2. Chapter

      Pages 325-350

      Individual Domain-Specific Epistemologies: Implications for Educational Practice

    3. Chapter

      Pages 351-376

      Personal Epistemology, Understanding of Multiple Texts, and Learning Within Internet Technologies

    4. Chapter

      Pages 377-404

      Epistemic Metacognition in the Context of Information Searching on the Web

    5. Chapter

      Pages 405-422

      Developing Relational Epistemology Through Relational Pedagogy: New Ways of Thinking About Personal Epistemology in Teacher Education

    6. Chapter

      Pages 423-441

      Knowledge and Epistemological Beliefs: An Intimate but Complicate Relationship

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