Marine, Freshwater, and Wetlands Biodiversity Conservation


ISBN: 978-1-4020-5733-5 (Print) 978-1-4020-5734-2 (Online)

Table of contents (25 chapters)

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  1. Front Matter

    Pages I-VI

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  3. Chapter

    Pages 3-13

    Extinction of fen and bog plants and their habitats in Croatia

  4. Chapter

    Pages 15-32

    Floristic and ecological diversity of Ranunculus aquatic habitats in the sub-Atlantic range: implications for conservation

  5. Chapter

    Pages 33-48

    Testing the higher-taxon approach: a case study of aquatic marcophytes in China’s northwest arid zone and its implications for conservation

  6. Chapter

    Pages 49-76

    Aquatic plants diversity in arid zones of Northwest China: patterns, threats and conservation

  7. Chapter

    Pages 77-89

    Red Data List of Charophytes in the Balkans

  8. Chapter

    Pages 91-99

    Seasonal changes in bird species diversity at the interface between forest and reed-bed

  9. Chapter

    Pages 101-112

    Plant-water regime management in a wetland: consequences for a floating vegetation-nesting bird, whiskered tern Chlidonias hybridus

  10. Chapter

    Pages 113-129

    Population trends and calling phenology of anuran populations surveyed in Ontario estimated using acoustic surveys

  11. Chapter

    Pages 131-145

    Diversity of anurans across agricultural ponds in Argentina

  12. Chapter

    Pages 147-157

    Species turnover: the case of stream amphibians of rainforests in the Western Ghats, southern India

  13. Chapter

    Pages 159-173

    Small-scale biogeographical patterns in some groundwater Crustacea, the syncarid, Parabathynellidae.

  14. Chapter

    Pages 175-200

    Freshwater finfish biodiversity and conservation: an asian perspective

  15. Chapter

    Pages 201-209

    The upper reached ichthyofauna of the Tietê River, São Paulo, Brazil: aspects of their diversity and conservation

  16. Chapter

    Pages 211-221

    Captive breeding of endangered fish Chitala chitala (Hamilton-Buchanan) for species conservation and sustainable utilization

  17. Chapter

    Pages 223-248

    Distinctive invertebrate assemblages in rockface seepages enhance lotic biodiversity in northern New Zealand

  18. Chapter

    Pages 249-267

    Rare, threatened and alien species in the gastropod communities in the clay pit ponds in relation to the environmental factors (The Ciechanowska Upland, Central Poland)

  19. Chapter

    Pages 269-284

    Littoral mollusc communities and water quality in southern Lake Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

  20. Chapter

    Pages 285-306

    Coral diversity across a disturbance gradient in the Pulau Seribu reef complex off Jakarta, Indonesia

  21. Chapter

    Pages 307-316

    Biological characterisation of a subtidal tunnel in São Miguel island (Azores)

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