Book Volume 270 2009

Algebra, Arithmetic, and Geometry

Volume II: In Honor of Yu. I. Manin


ISBN: 978-0-8176-4746-9 (Print) 978-0-8176-4747-6 (Online)

Table of contents (24 chapters)

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  1. Front Matter

    Pages I-XII

  2. Chapter

    Pages 1-21

    Potential Automorphy of Odd-Dimensional Symmetric Powers of Elliptic Curves and Applications

  3. Chapter

    Pages 23-47

    Cyclic Homology with Coefficients

  4. Chapter

    Pages 49-87

    Noncommutative Geometry and Path Integrals

  5. Chapter

    Pages 89-126

    Another Look at the Dwork Family

  6. Chapter

    Pages 127-178

    Graphs, Strings, and Actions

  7. Chapter

    Pages 179-211

    Quotients of Calabi–Yau Varieties

  8. Chapter

    Pages 213-247

    Notes on Motives in Finite Characteristic

  9. Chapter

    Pages 249-281

    PROPped-Up Graph Cohomology

  10. Chapter

    Pages 283-309

    Symboles de Manin et valeurs de fonctions L

  11. Chapter

    Pages 311-354

    Graph Complexes with Loops and Wheels

  12. Chapter

    Pages 355-382

    Yang–Mills Theory and a Superquadric

  13. Chapter

    Pages 383-398

    A Generalization of the Capelli Identity

  14. Chapter

    Pages 399-437

    Hidden Symmetries in the Theory of Complex Multiplication

  15. Chapter

    Pages 439-464

    Self-Correspondences of K3 Surfaces via Moduli of Sheaves

  16. Chapter

    Pages 465-501

    Foliations in Moduli Spaces of Abelian Varieties and Dimension of Leaves

  17. Chapter

    Pages 503-531

    Derived Categories of Coherent Sheaves and Triangulated Categories of Singularities

  18. Chapter

    Pages 533-554

    Rankin’s Lemma of Higher Genus and Explicit Formulas for Hecke Operators

  19. Chapter

    Pages 555-572

    Rank-2 Vector Bundles on ind-Grassmannians

  20. Chapter

    Pages 573-617

    Massey Products on Cycles of Projective Lines and Trigonometric Solutions of the Yang–Baxter Equations

  21. Chapter

    Pages 619-635

    On Linnik and Selberg’s Conjecture About Sums of Kloosterman Sums

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