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Nolph and Gokal's Textbook of Peritoneal Dialysis


ISBN: 978-0-387-78939-2 (Print) 978-0-387-78940-8 (Online)

Table of contents (31 chapters)

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  1. Front Matter

    Pages i-xii

  2. Chapter

    Pages 1-18

    History of Peritoneal Dialysis

  3. Chapter

    Pages 19-37

    Current Status of Peritoneal Dialysis

  4. Chapter

    Pages 39-50

    Comparing Survival Outcomes in Peritoneal Dialysis and Hemodialysis

  5. Chapter

    Pages 51-71

    The Peritoneal Microcirculation in Peritoneal Dialysis

  6. Chapter

    Pages 73-135

    Functional Structure of the Peritoneum as a Dialyzing Membrane

  7. Chapter

    Pages 137-172

    The Physiology of Peritoneal Solute, Water, and Lymphatic Transport

  8. Chapter

    Pages 173-179

    Physiology of High/Fast Transporters

  9. Chapter

    Pages 181-192

    Animal Models for Peritoneal Dialysis Research

  10. Chapter

    Pages 193-266

    Pharmacological Alterations of Peritoneal Transport Rates and Pharmacokinetics in Peritoneal Dialysis

  11. Chapter

    Pages 267-281

    Peritoneal Dialysis Connectology

  12. Chapter

    Pages 283-301

    New Peritoneal Dialysis Solutions and Solutions on the Horizon

  13. Chapter

    Pages 303-334

    Automated Peritoneal Dialysis

  14. Chapter

    Pages 335-370

    Peritoneal Dialysis Program Organization and Management

  15. Chapter

    Pages 371-446

    Peritoneal Dialysis Access and Exit-Site Care Including Surgical Aspects

  16. Chapter

    Pages 447-468

    Monitoring the Functional Status of the Peritoneum

  17. Chapter

    Pages 469-503

    Adequacy of Peritoneal Dialysis, Including Fluid Balance

  18. Chapter

    Pages 505-522

    Ultrafiltration Failure

  19. Chapter

    Pages 523-541

    Quality of Life in Patients on Peritoneal Dialysis

  20. Chapter

    Pages 543-570


  21. Chapter

    Pages 571-609

    Noninfectious Complications of Peritoneal Dialysis

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