Lean Business Systems and Beyond


ISBN: 978-0-387-77248-6 (Print) 978-0-387-77249-3 (Online)

Table of contents (51 chapters)

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  1. Front Matter

    Pages i-xii

  2. Lean Production Systems for Dynamic Marketplaces

    1. Planning and scheduling

      1. Chapter

        Pages 3-10

        A Basic Study of Auction-based Planning and Scheduling for Cell Manufacturing

      2. Chapter

        Pages 11-19

        Sizing of Heijunka-controlled Production Systems with Unreliable Production Processes

      3. Chapter

        Pages 21-27

        A New Approach for Finite Capacity Planning in MRP Environment

      4. Chapter

        Pages 29-39

        Preemptive Jobs Scheduling on Parallel Machines with Setup Times and Renewable Resources

      5. Chapter

        Pages 41-48

        Dynamic Production Management Architecture Considering Preparative Operation

      6. Chapter

        Pages 49-56

        Planning and Balancing of Disassembly Systems

      7. Chapter

        Pages 57-65

        Demand Planning & Control – Handling Multiple Perspectives Through a Holistic Approach to Hierarchical Planning

      8. Chapter

        Pages 67-74

        Review of an ERP System Supporting Lean Manufacturing

      9. Chapter

        Pages 75-92

        Orders Loading and Release in Flow Shops including Outsourcing Networks

      Information systems

      1. Chapter

        Pages 93-100

        A Service Oriented Architecture to Support Industrial Information Systems

      2. Chapter

        Pages 101-110

        Development of Promise Data Structure

      3. Chapter

        Pages 111-119

        Streamlining Asset Maintenance throughout Analysis of its Usage Data

      4. Chapter

        Pages 121-128

        Development of an Information-interoperable Environment Based on Open Technologies for Lean Production Systems

      Performance measurement

      1. Chapter

        Pages 129-141

        The Operations Excellence Audit Sheet

      2. Chapter

        Pages 143-150

        Comparing Performance Measures for the Trade Off of Flow Time and Throughput in Complex Manufacturing Systems

      3. Chapter

        Pages 151-163

        A Method for Measuring Operational and Financial Performance of a Production Value Stream

      Modeling concepts for enterprise and process improvement

      1. Chapter

        Pages 165-173

        Reference Models for Mass Customisation Production of High Fashionable Products: Application to the Shoe Manufacturing Domain

      2. Chapter

        Pages 175-183

        Lean Manufacturing Systems Optimisation Supported by Metamodelling

      3. Chapter

        Pages 185-193

        Integration of Factory Planning and ERP/MES Systems: Adaptive Simulation Models

      4. Chapter

        Pages 195-204

        Using Simulation-Generated Operating Characteristics Curves for Manufacturing Improvement

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