Hypoxia and the Circulation


ISBN: 978-0-387-75433-8 (Print) 978-0-387-75434-5 (Online)

Table of contents (23 chapters)

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  1. Front Matter

    Pages I-XII

  2. Chapter

    Pages 1-11

    Risk of Cardiovascular Events During Mountain Activities

  3. Chapter

    Pages 13-24

    Biventricular Function at High Altitude: Implications for Regulation of Stroke Volume in Chronic Hypoxia

  4. Chapter

    Pages 25-39

    Control of Coronary Blood Flow During Hypoxemia

  5. Chapter

    Pages 41-49

    Metabolic Consequences Of Intermittent Hypoxia

  6. Chapter

    Pages 51-67

    Intermittent Hypoxia and Cognitive Function: Implications from Chronic Animal Models

  7. Chapter

    Pages 69-84

    Vascular Consequences of Intermittent Hypoxia

  8. Chapter

    Pages 85-99

    Angiotensin-Induced Hypoxia in the Kidney: Functional and Structural Changes of the Renal Circulation

  9. Chapter

    Pages 101-112

    Role of Reactive Oxygen Species in Chronic Hypoxia-Induced Pulmonary Hypertension and Vascular Remodeling

  10. Chapter

    Pages 113-126

    Hypoxia and Placental Remodelling

  11. Chapter

    Pages 127-140

    Epithelial Sodium Channels in the Adult Lung – Important Modulators of Pulmonary Health and Disease

  12. Chapter

    Pages 141-157

    Lung Interstitial Pressure and Structure in Acute Hypoxia

  13. Chapter

    Pages 159-168

    Hypoxic Inhibition of Alveolar Fluid Reabsorption

  14. Chapter

    Pages 169-180

    Regulation and Role of Neuroglobin and Cytoglobin Under Hypoxia

  15. Chapter

    Pages 181-193

    Molecular Insights into the Functional Role of Myoglobin

  16. Chapter

    Pages 195-210

    GenetiC Mechanisms Underlying Regulation of Hemoglobin Mass

  17. Chapter

    Pages 211-220

    Control of the Respiratory Pattern in Insects

  18. Chapter

    Pages 221-228

    Effects of Insect Body Size on Tracheal Structure and Function

  19. Chapter

    Pages 229-244

    The Role of Hif-1 1 in Hypoxic Response in the Skeletal Muscle

  20. Chapter

    Pages 245-254

    Gene Expression in Working Skeletal Muscle

  21. Chapter

    Pages 255-276

    The Limits of Human Endurance: What is the Greatest Endurance Performance of All Time? Which Factors Regulate Performance at Extreme Altitude?

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