Oxygen Transport to Tissue XXVIII

  • David J. Maguire
  • Duane F. Bruley
  • David K. Harrison
Conference proceedings

DOI: 10.1007/978-0-387-71764-7

Part of the Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology book series (AEMB, volume 599)

Table of contents (27 papers)

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-XIV
  2. Clonidine Elicits A Long-Term Depression in Mucosal Red Cell Flux
    Artur Fournell, Olaf Picker, Ingo Schwartges, Thomas W.L. Scheeren, Lothar A. Schwarte
    Pages 17-22
  3. Pten and Ndufb8 Aberrations in Cervical Cancer Tissue
    S.M. Hsieh, D.J. Maguire, N.A. Lintell, M. McCabe, L.R. Griffiths
    Pages 31-36
  4. Possible Mechanisms Of Improved Radiation Response By Cytotoxic Rnase, Onconase®, On A549 Human Lung Cancer Xenografts Of Nude Mice
    Dae Hong Kim, Eun Ju Kim, Anna Kalota, Alan M. Gewirtz, Jerry Glickson, Kuslima Shogen et al.
    Pages 53-59
  5. Effect Of Ph And Imidazole On Protein C Purification From Cohn Fraction Iv-1 By Imac
    James J. Lee, Duane F. Bruley, Kyung A. Kang
    Pages 61-66
  6. Predicting Melanoma Metastatic Potential By Optical And Magnetic Resonance Imaging
    Lin Z.J. Li, Rong Zhou, Tuoxiu Zhong, Lily Moon, Eun Ju Kim, Qiao Hui et al.
    Pages 67-78
  7. Analysis of Sdhd and Mmp12 in an Affected Solar Keratosis and Control Cohort
    N.A. Lintell, D.J. Maguire, L.R. Griffiths, M. McCabe
    Pages 79-85
  8. Wyman’s Equation and Oxygen Flux Through The Red Cell
    Michael McCabe, David J. Maguire
    Pages 87-92
  9. Simultaneous Measurement of pO2 and Perfusion in The Rabbit Kidney in Vivo
    Paul M. O’Connor, Warwick P. Anderson, Michelle M. Kett, Roger G. Evans
    Pages 93-99
  10. Pseudogenes and The Electron Transport Chain
    H.M. Oey, D.J. Maguire, M. McCabe
    Pages 101-107
  11. Nitric Oxide in The Kidney Direct measurements of bioavailable renal nitric oxide
    Fredrik Palm, Lina Nordquist, Donald G. Buerk
    Pages 117-123
  12. Separation Of Protein C From Cohn Fraction Iv-1 By Mini-Antibody
    Samin Rezania, Doh G. Ahn, Kyung A. Kang
    Pages 125-131
  13. Triptolide Alters Mitochondrial Functions
    Ying Su, Shanmin Yang, Zhenyu Xiao, Wei Wang, Paul Okunieff, Lurong Zhang
    Pages 139-146

About these proceedings


At the beginning of a Southern Hemisphere Autumn, the ISOTT tribe assembled for its annual corroboree on the banks of the Brisbane River in Australia for five days of exciting science. Some of the tribe had travelled from as far as Sweden and other parts of Europe; many had spirited themselves across the Pacific Ocean from the Americas. Yet another small contingent had paddled down from Japan. All came with message sticks from their camp-sites. The conference opened with an outdoor barbecue at the Southbank precinct, with the stars of the Southern Cross painting the river on one side and the artificial beach on the other; a perfect venue to meet old friends and to welcome new ones as a cool breeze wafted over our fires. For the next five days there was the usual focus on oxygen; measurement techniques, its role in cancer and other diseases that beset us mortals and the biochemistry and physiology of this small vital molecule. It still astounds many that we have not yet learnt everything there is to know about this valuable friend, albeit a dangerous foe. Time was found for us to visit Australia Zoo and stand in awe before exhibits of Australia’s wild-life; great vicious creatures unchanged from the age of the dinosaurs, poisonous snakes and spiders, and gentle marsupials that posed for our digital cameras.


ATP infections metabolism physiology surgery tissue

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