The Teacher’s Role in Implementing Cooperative Learning in the Classroom

ISBN: 978-0-387-70891-1 (Print) 978-0-387-70892-8 (Online)
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Table of contents (12 chapters)

  1. Front Matter

    Pages i-xviii

  2. Book Chapter

    Pages 9-37

    Social Interdependence Theory and Cooperative Learning: The Teacher's Role

  3. Book Chapter

    Pages 38-55

    Beyond the Classroom and into the Community: The Role of the Teacher in Expanding the Pedagogy of Cooperation

  4. Book Chapter

    Pages 56-72

    Pupil Grouping for Learning: Developing a Social Pedagogy of the Classroom

  5. Book Chapter

    Pages 73-91

    Structuring Peer Interaction to Promote Higher-Order Thinking and Complex Learning in Cooperating Groups

  6. Book Chapter

    Pages 92-109

    Cooperative Learning and Literacy Instruction in Middle Level Education

  7. Book Chapter

    Pages 110-131

    Structuring Group Interaction to Promote Thinking and Learning During Small Group Learning in High School Settings

  8. Book Chapter

    Pages 132-162

    Feedback and Reflection to Promote Student Participation in Computer Supported Collaborative Learning: A Multiple Case Study

  9. Book Chapter

    Pages 163-183

    School and Inclusive Practices

  10. Book Chapter

    Pages 184-200

    Developing Language and Mastering Content in Heterogeneous Classrooms

  11. Book Chapter

    Pages 201-221

    Teacher Practices and Small-Group Dynamics in Cooperative Learning Classrooms

  12. Book Chapter

    Pages 222-237

    Explanation Giving and Receiving in Cooperative Learning Groups

  13. Book Chapter

    Pages 238-257

    Teachers’ and Students’ Verbal Behaviours During Cooperative Learning

  14. Back Matter

    Pages 258-266