Information Security for Global Information Infrastructures

IFIP TC11 Sixteenth Annual Working Conference on Information Security August 22–24, 2000, Beijing, China


ISBN: 978-1-4757-5479-7 (Print) 978-0-387-35515-3 (Online)

Table of contents (52 chapters)

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  1. Front Matter

    Pages i-xv

  2. Reviewed Papers

    1. Front Matter

      Pages xv-xv

    2. Chapter

      Pages 1-10

      IT Security Certification and Criteria

    3. Chapter

      Pages 11-18

      Information Security: Process Evaluation and Product Evaluation

    4. Chapter

      Pages 19-28

      Managing Information Security in Healthcare — an Action Research Experience

    5. Chapter

      Pages 29-36

      From Trusted Information Security Controls to a Trusted Information Security Environment

    6. Chapter

      Pages 37-47

      A Qualitative Approach to Information Availability

    7. Chapter

      Pages 49-58

      A Postgraduate Programme on Information and Communication Systems Security

    8. Chapter

      Pages 59-68

      Information Security Management Through Measurement

    9. Chapter

      Pages 69-78

      The Defense Framework For Large-scale Computer Network System

    10. Chapter

      Pages 79-88

      Identity Mapping

    11. Chapter

      Pages 89-98

      Independent Policy Oriented Layering of Security Services

    12. Chapter

      Pages 99-109

      Reducing Computer Fraud Through Situational Crime Prevention

    13. Chapter

      Pages 111-120

      Policies for Construction of Information Systems’ Security Guidelines

    14. Chapter

      Pages 121-129

      ‘DNA-proofing’ for computer systems — a new approach to computer security?

    15. Chapter

      Pages 131-140

      Using Smart Cards in an Educational Environment

    16. Chapter

      Pages 141-150


    17. Chapter

      Pages 151-160

      Classifying Information for External Release

    18. Chapter

      Pages 161-170

      Using Mobile Agent Results to Create Hard-to-Detect Computer Viruses

    19. Chapter

      Pages 171-180

      Cards: A Distributed System for Detecting Coordinated Attacks

    20. Chapter

      Pages 181-190

      Robust Audio Watermarking

    21. Chapter

      Pages 191-199

      A Simple and Efficient Approach to Verifying Cryptographic Protocols

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