Book Volume 1191 1996

Constraint Databases and Applications

Second International Workshop on Constraint Database Systems, CDB '97 Delphi, Greece, January 11–12, 1997 CP '96 Workshop on Constraints and Databases Cambridge, MA, USA, August 19, 1996 Selected Papers

ISBN: 978-3-540-62501-8 (Print) 978-3-540-68049-9 (Online)

Table of contents (21 chapters)

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  1. Front Matter

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  2. Chapter

    Pages 1-6

    Planar topological queries (extended abstract)

  3. Chapter

    Pages 7-52

    An informal introduction to constraint database systems (extended abstract)

  4. Chapter

    Pages 53-63

    Query evaluation as constraint search; an overview of early results

  5. Chapter

    Pages 64-79

    Computing the well-founded semantics for constraint extensions of datalog

  6. Chapter

    Pages 80-91

    Decomposition and lossless join in constraint databases

  7. Chapter

    Pages 92-104

    A rule-based CQL for 2-dimensional tables

  8. Chapter

    Pages 105-115

    On the expressiveness of query languages with linear constraints; capturing desirable spatial properties

  9. Chapter

    Pages 116-133

    On expressing topological connectivity in spatial Datalog

  10. Chapter

    Pages 134-159

    The C 3 constraint object-oriented database system: An overview

  11. Chapter

    Pages 160-186

    Integrity constraint checking in Chimera

  12. Chapter

    Pages 187-207

    SICSDD: Techniques and implementation

  13. Chapter

    Pages 208-218

    A temporal constraint system for object-oriented databases

  14. Chapter

    Pages 219-233

    Using database versions to implement temporal integrity constraints

  15. Chapter

    Pages 234-245

    Genomic database applications in DISCO

  16. Chapter

    Pages 246-262

    Constraint databases and program analysis using abstract interpretation

  17. Chapter

    Pages 263-281

    Querying indexed files

  18. Chapter

    Pages 282-293

    On the complexity of BV-tree updates

  19. Chapter

    Pages 294-301

    Implementing index data structures using constraint logic programming

  20. Chapter

    Pages 302-315

    Problem solving in the DISCO constraint database system

  21. Chapter

    Pages 316-328

    Interval domain library for ECLiPSe and its application

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