Book Volume 293 1988

Advances in Cryptology — CRYPTO ’87



ISBN: 978-3-540-18796-7 (Print) 978-3-540-48184-3 (Online)

Table of contents (43 chapters)

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  1. Front Matter

    Pages I-X

  2. Communication Networks and Standards

    1. Chapter

      Pages 3-8

      Standards for Data Security — a Change of Direction

    2. Chapter

      Pages 9-18

      Integrating Cryptography in ISDN

  3. Protocols

    1. Chapter

      Pages 21-39

      Special Uses and Abuses of the Fiat-Shamir Passport Protocol (extended abstract)

    2. Chapter

      Pages 40-51

      Direct Minimum-Knowledge Computations (Extended Abstract)

    3. Chapter

      Pages 52-72

      Non-Interactive Zero-Knowledge Proof Systems

    4. Chapter

      Pages 73-86

      How to Solve any Protocol Problem - An Efficiency Improvement (Extended Abstract)

    5. Chapter

      Pages 87-119

      Multiparty Computations Ensuring Privacy of Each Party’s Input and Correctness of the Result

    6. Chapter

      Pages 120-127

      Society and Group Oriented Cryptography: a New Concept

    7. Chapter

      Pages 128-134

      A Simple and Secure Way to Show the Validity of Your Public Key

    8. Chapter

      Pages 135-155

      Cryptographic Computation: Secure Fault-Tolerant Protocols and the Public-Key Model (Extended Abstract)

    9. Chapter

      Pages 156-166

      Gradual and Verifiable Release of a Secret (Extended Abstract)

    10. Chapter

      Pages 167-172

      Strong Practical Protocols

  4. Key Distribution Systems

    1. Chapter

      Pages 175-184

      Identity-based conference key distribution systems

    2. Chapter

      Pages 185-193

      On the KEY PREDISTRIBUTION SYSTEM: A Practical Solution to the Key Distribution Problem

    3. Chapter

      Pages 194-202

      Key Distribution Systems Based on Identification Information

    4. Chapter

      Pages 203-208

      Secret Distribution of Keys for Public-Key Systems

  5. Public Key Systems

    1. Chapter

      Pages 211-215

      An Impersonation-Proof Identity Verification Scheme

    2. Chapter

      Pages 216-222

      Arbitration in Tamper Proof Systems

    3. Chapter

      Pages 223-223

      Efficient Digital Public-Key Signatures with Shadow

    4. Chapter

      Pages 224-228

      Security-Related Comments Regarding McEliece’s Public-Key Cryptosystem

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