Book Volume 2352 2002

Computer Vision — ECCV 2002

7th European Conference on Computer Vision Copenhagen, Denmark, May 28–31, 2002 Proceedings, Part III


ISBN: 978-3-540-43746-8 (Print) 978-3-540-47977-2 (Online)

Table of contents (59 chapters)

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  1. Front Matter

    Pages I-XXIV

  2. Shape

    1. Chapter

      Pages 3-20

      3D Statistical Shape Models Using Direct Optimisation of Description Length

    2. Chapter

      Pages 21-31

      Approximate Thin Plate Spline Mappings

    3. Chapter

      Pages 32-47

      DEFORMOTION Deforming Motion, Shape Average and the Joint Registration and Segmentation of Images

    4. Chapter

      Pages 48-62

      Region Matching with Missing Parts

  3. Stereoscopic Vision I

    1. Chapter

      Pages 65-81

      What Energy Functions Can Be Minimized via Graph Cuts?

    2. Chapter

      Pages 82-96

      Multi-camera Scene Reconstruction via Graph Cuts

    3. Chapter

      Pages 97-111

      A Markov Chain Monte Carlo Approach to Stereovision

    4. Chapter

      Pages 112-130

      A Probabilistic Theory of Occupancy and Emptiness

  4. Texture Shading and Colour / Grouping and Segmentation / Object Recognition

    1. Chapter

      Pages 133-147

      Texture Similarity Measure Using Kullback-Leibler Divergence between Gamma Distributions

    2. Chapter

      Pages 148-162

      All the Images of an Outdoor Scene

    3. Chapter

      Pages 163-179

      Recovery of Reflectances and Varying Illuminants from Multiple Views

    4. Chapter

      Pages 180-194

      Composite Texture Descriptions

    5. Chapter

      Pages 195-209

      Constructing Illumination Image Basis from Object Motion

    6. Chapter

      Pages 210-224

      Diffuse-Specular Separation and Depth Recovery from Image Sequences

    7. Chapter

      Pages 225-239

      Shape from Texture without Boundaries

    8. Chapter

      Pages 240-254

      Statistical Modeling of Texture Sketch

    9. Chapter

      Pages 255-271

      Classifying Images of Materials: Achieving Viewpoint and Illumination Independence

    10. Chapter

      Pages 272-288

      Estimation of Multiple Illuminants from a Single Image of Arbitrary Known Geometry

    11. Chapter

      Pages 289-303

      The Effect of Illuminant Rotation on Texture Filters: Lissajous’s Ellipses

    12. Chapter

      Pages 304-320

      On Affine Invariant Clustering and Automatic Cast Listing in Movies

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