Book Volume 547 1991

Advances in Cryptology — EUROCRYPT ’91

Workshop on the Theory and Application of Cryptographic Techniques Brighton, UK, April 8–11, 1991 Proceedings


ISBN: 978-3-540-54620-7 (Print) 978-3-540-46416-7 (Online)

Table of contents (54 chapters)

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  1. Front Matter

    Pages I-XII

  2. Cryptanalysis I

    1. Chapter

      Pages 1-16

      Differential Cryptanalysis of Feal and N-Hash

    2. Chapter

      Pages 17-38

      Markov Ciphers and Differential Cryptanalysis

    3. Chapter

      Pages 39-53

      The Knapsack Hash Function proposed at Crypto’89 can be broken

  3. Cryptanalysis II

    1. Chapter

      Pages 54-67

      An Improved Low-Density Subset Sum Algorithm

    2. Chapter

      Pages 68-70

      Cryptanalysis of McEliece’s Public-Key Cryptosystem

    3. Chapter

      Pages 71-80

      On the Security of the Schnorr Scheme using Preprocessing

  4. Zero Knowledge and Oblivious Transfer

    1. Chapter

      Pages 81-95

      Broadcast Interactive Proofs

    2. Chapter

      Pages 96-105

      Direct Zero Knowledge Proofs of Computational Power in Five Rounds

    3. Chapter

      Pages 106-113

      On the Reversibility of Oblivious Transfer

  5. Sequences I

    1. Chapter

      Pages 114-126

      Ziv-Lempel Complexity for Periodic Sequences and its Cryptographic Application

    2. Chapter

      Pages 127-140

      A Secret Key Cryptosystem by Iterating a Chaotic Map

    3. Chapter

      Pages 141-152

      Boolean Functions Satisfying Higher Order Propagation Criteria

  6. Sequences II

    1. Chapter

      Pages 153-159

      The Maximum Order Complexity of Sequence Ensembles

    2. Chapter

      Pages 160-167

      The Number of Output Sequences of a Binary Sequence Generator

    3. Chapter

      Pages 168-175

      Linear Complexity of Periodically Repeated Random Sequences

  7. Sequences III

    1. Chapter

      Pages 176-185

      On A Fast Correlation Attack on Certain Stream Ciphers

    2. Chapter

      Pages 186-199

      Analysis of Pseudo Random Sequences Generated by Cellular Automata

    3. Chapter

      Pages 200-204

      On Binary Sequences from Recursions “modulo 2e” Made Non-Linear by the Bit-By-Bit “XOR” Function

  8. Signatures

    1. Chapter

      Pages 205-220

      Weaknesses of Undeniable Signature Schemes

    2. Chapter

      Pages 221-242

      Distributed Provers with Applications to Undeniable Signatures

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