Book Volume 4304 2006

AI 2006: Advances in Artificial Intelligence

19th Australian Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Hobart, Australia, December 4-8, 2006. Proceedings


ISBN: 978-3-540-49787-5 (Print) 978-3-540-49788-2 (Online)

Table of contents (163 chapters)

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  1. Front Matter

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  2. Invited Talks

    1. Chapter

      Pages 1-2

      What Can We Do with Graph-Structured Data? – A Data Mining Perspective

    2. Chapter

      Pages 3-4

      Morphological Computation – Connecting Brain, Body, and Environment

    3. Chapter

      Pages 5-6

      Interaction-Oriented Programming: Concepts, Theories, and Results on Commitment Protocols

    4. Chapter

      Pages 7-8

      Symmetry Breaking

  3. PART I: Regular Papers

    1. Foundations and Knowledge Based System

      1. Chapter

        Pages 9-18

        Heyting Domains for Constraint Abduction

      2. Chapter

        Pages 19-28

        Feedback in Multimodal Self-organizing Networks Enhances Perception of Corrupted Stimuli

      3. Chapter

        Pages 29-38

        Identification of Fuzzy Relation Model Using HFC-Based Parallel Genetic Algorithms and Information Data Granulation

      4. Chapter

        Pages 39-48

        Evaluation of Incremental Knowledge Acquisition with Simulated Experts

      Knowledge Representation and Reasoning

      1. Chapter

        Pages 49-58

        Finite Domain Bounds Consistency Revisited

      2. Chapter

        Pages 59-68

        Speeding Up Weighted Constraint Satisfaction Using Redundant Modeling

      3. Chapter

        Pages 69-78

        Verification of Multi-agent Systems Via Bounded Model Checking

      4. Chapter

        Pages 79-89

        Logical Properties of Belief-Revision-Based Bargaining Solution

      5. Chapter

        Pages 90-99

        Knowledge Compilation for Belief Change

      6. Chapter

        Pages 100-109

        Design Methodologies of Fuzzy Set-Based Fuzzy Model Based on GAs and Information Granulation

      7. Chapter

        Pages 110-119

        \(\mathcal{ALE}\) Defeasible Description Logic

      8. Chapter

        Pages 120-130

        Representation and Reasoning for Recursive Probability Models

      9. Chapter

        Pages 131-140

        Forgetting and Knowledge Update

      Machine Learning

      1. Chapter

        Pages 141-150

        Enhanced Temporal Difference Learning Using Compiled Eligibility Traces

      2. Chapter

        Pages 151-160

        A Simple Artificial Immune System (SAIS) for Generating Classifier Systems

      3. Chapter

        Pages 161-169

        Selection for Feature Gene Subset in Microarray Expression Profiles Based on an Improved Genetic Algorithm

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