Book Volume 3668 2005

Logic Programming

21st International Conference, ICLP 2005, Sitges, Spain, October 2-5, 2005. Proceedings


ISBN: 978-3-540-29208-1 (Print) 978-3-540-31947-4 (Online)

Table of contents (51 chapters)

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  1. Front Matter

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  2. Chapter

    Pages 1-4

    OWL: A Description Logic Based Ontology Language

  3. Chapter

    Pages 5-8

    Preference Reasoning

  4. Chapter

    Pages 9-13

    The G12 Project: Mapping Solver Independent Models to Efficient Solutions

  5. Chapter

    Pages 14-20

    Use of Logic Programming for Complex Business Rules

  6. Chapter

    Pages 21-36

    A Generator of Efficient Abstract Machine Implementations and Its Application to Emulator Minimization

  7. Chapter

    Pages 37-51

    On the Relation Between Answer Set and SAT Procedures (or, Between cmodels and smodels)

  8. Chapter

    Pages 52-66

    Towards an Integration of Answer Set and Constraint Solving

  9. Chapter

    Pages 67-82

    A Comparison of CLP(FD) and ASP Solutions to NP-Complete Problems

  10. Chapter

    Pages 83-97

    Guard and Continuation Optimization for Occurrence Representations of CHR

  11. Chapter

    Pages 98-112

    Coordination of Many Agents

  12. Chapter

    Pages 113-127

    Parallelizing Union-Find in Constraint Handling Rules Using Confluence Analysis

  13. Chapter

    Pages 128-142

    An Optimised Semantic Web Query Language Implementation in Prolog

  14. Chapter

    Pages 143-158

    A Distributed and Probabilistic Concurrent Constraint Programming Language

  15. Chapter

    Pages 159-173

    HYPROLOG: A New Logic Programming Language with Assumptions and Abduction

  16. Chapter

    Pages 174-188

    Abduction of Linear Arithmetic Constraints

  17. Chapter

    Pages 189-203

    Towards Implementations for Advanced Equivalence Checking in Answer-Set Programming

  18. Chapter

    Pages 204-220

    Hybrid Probabilistic Logic Programs with Non-monotonic Negation

  19. Chapter

    Pages 221-234

    Reducing Inductive Definitions to Propositional Satisfiability

  20. Chapter

    Pages 235-249

    Symbolic Support Graph: A Space Efficient Data Structure for Incremental Tabled Evaluation

  21. Chapter

    Pages 250-264

    Dynamic Mixed-Strategy Evaluation of Tabled Logic Programs

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