Tissue Surgery


ISBN: 978-1-85233-970-8 (Print) 978-1-84628-128-0 (Online)

Table of contents (12 chapters)

  1. Front Matter

    Pages i-x

  2. Chapter

    Pages 1-10

    Orthoplastic Reconstruction of the Arms and Legs

  3. Chapter

    Pages 11-21

    Clinical Application of Composite Tissue Allografts

  4. Chapter

    Pages 23-40

    Advanced Concepts in Vascularized Tissue Transfer in the Hand

  5. Chapter

    Pages 41-54

    Subcutaneous Tissue Function: The Multimicrovacuolar Absorbing Sliding System in Hand and Plastic Surgery

  6. Chapter

    Pages 55-70

    Innovations in Peripheral Nerve Surgery

  7. Chapter

    Pages 71-85

    Minimally Invasive and Endoscopic Techniques in Peripheral Nerve Surgery of the Hand and Forearm

  8. Chapter

    Pages 87-92

    Soft Tissue Reconstruction with Perforator Flaps

  9. Chapter

    Pages 93-100

    Remote Ischemic Preconditioning of Flaps: Current Concepts

  10. Chapter

    Pages 101-117

    Advances in Facial Aesthetic Surgery: New Approaches to Old Problems and Current Approaches to New Problems

  11. Chapter

    Pages 119-133

    Perspectives for Facial Allograft Transplantation in Humans

  12. Chapter

    Pages 135-141

    Tissue Engineering: Current Approaches and Future Directions

  13. Chapter

    Pages 143-157

    The Role of Stem Cells in Plastic Surgery

  14. Back Matter

    Pages 159-163