Book 2007

Therapeutic Neovascularization–Quo Vadis?


ISBN: 978-1-4020-5954-4 (Print) 978-1-4020-5955-1 (Online)

Table of contents (13 chapters)

  1. Front Matter

    Pages I-X

  2. Chapter

    Pages 1-22

    Clinical Vascular Growth Factor Therapy for Neovascularization in Patients with Coronary Artery Disease

  3. Chapter

    Pages 23-32

    The Strengths and Weaknesses of VEGF Adenovirus-Driven Angiogenesis

  4. Chapter

    Pages 33-73

    Angiogenesis and Arteriogenesis in Diabetes Mellitus: Signal Transduction Defects as the Molecular Basis of Vascular Cell Dysfunction

  5. Chapter

    Pages 75-84

    Endothelial Activation and Neointimal Hyperplasia: A Double-Edged Sword

  6. Chapter

    Pages 85-108

    Pampering and Priming the Heart

  7. Chapter

    Pages 109-122

    Coronary Venous Retroinfusion: A Novel Venue of Regional Induction of Neovascularization

  8. Chapter

    Pages 123-137

    Integrative Pro-angiogenic Activation: HIF-α

  9. Chapter

    Pages 139-158

    The Maturation of Vessels – A Limitation to Forced Neovascularization?

  10. Chapter

    Pages 159-189

    Vascular and Neuronal Development: Intersecting Parallelisms and rossroads

  11. Chapter

    Pages 191-196

    Cathelicidin Antimicrobial Peptides Modulate Angiogenesis

  12. Chapter

    Pages 197-213

    The Biology of Embryonic and Adult Endothelial Progenitor Cells

  13. Chapter

    Pages 215-225

    Signaling Behind Progenitor Cell Mobilization: Focus on Enos and Caveolin

  14. Chapter

    Pages 227-255

    The Role of Monocytes/Macrophages and Vascular Resident Precursor Cells in Collateral Growth

  15. Back Matter

    Pages 257-262