Book 2007

Introduction to Biosemiotics

The New Biological Synthesis


ISBN: 978-1-4020-4813-5 (Print) 978-1-4020-4814-2 (Online)

Table of contents (18 chapters)

  1. Front Matter

    Pages I-XII

  2. Chapter

    Pages 1-68

    The Evolutionary History of Biosemiotics

  3. Chapter

    Pages 69-100

    Semiosis In Evolution

  4. Chapter

    Pages 101-114

    Has Biosemiotics Come Of Age? And Postscript

  5. Chapter

    Pages 115-132

    The Necessity Of Biosemiotics: Matter-Symbol Complementarity

  6. Chapter

    Pages 133-148

    What Is The Scope Of Biosemiotics? Information In Living Systems

  7. Chapter

    Pages 149-166

    Semiotic Scaffolding Of Living Systems

  8. Chapter

    Pages 167-178

    Biosemiotics and Biophysics — The Fundamental Approaches to the Study of Life

  9. Chapter

    Pages 179-208

    Is The Cell A Semiotic System?

  10. Chapter

    Pages 209-234

    Computing Codes Versus Interpreting Life

  11. Chapter

    Pages 235-255

    Towards a Darwinian Biosemiotics.Life as Mutual Understanding

  12. Chapter

    Pages 257-282

    From the Logic of Science to the Logic of the Living

  13. Chapter

    Pages 283-298

    Towards a Standard Terminology for (Bio)Semiotics

  14. Chapter

    Pages 299-345

    Information Theory and Error-Correcting Codes In Genetics and Biological Evolution

  15. Chapter

    Pages 347-364

    RNA As Code Makers: A Biosemiotic View Of RNAi And Cell Immunity

  16. Chapter

    Pages 365-408

    Cellular Semiotics And Signal Transduction

  17. Chapter

    Pages 409-456

    Inner Representations and Signs in Animals

  18. Chapter

    Pages 457-472

    A Biosemiotic Approach To Epigenetics: Constructivist Aspects

  19. Chapter

    Pages 473-518

    Language And Interspecific Communication Experiments: A Case To Re-Open?

  20. Back Matter

    Pages 519-530