Book Volume 212 2006

Nanostructured Materials by High-Pressure Severe Plastic Deformation


ISBN: 978-1-4020-3921-8 (Print) 978-1-4020-3923-2 (Online)

Table of contents (42 chapters)

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  1. Front Matter

    Pages i-xii

  2. Chapter

    Pages 3-11

    Deformation Twinning in Nanocrystalline fcc Copper and Aluminum

  3. Chapter

    Pages 13-20

    High Pressure in Large Plastic Deformation: Effects and Techniques

  4. Chapter

    Pages 21-28

    Towards Comparison of Alternative Methods for Producing Bulk Nanostructured Metals by Severe Plastic Deformation

  5. Chapter

    Pages 29-37

    Applications of Severe Plastic Deformations for Materials Nanostructuring Aimed at Advanced Properties

  6. Chapter

    Pages 39-46

    New Applications of the SPD Concept: μSPD

  7. Chapter

    Pages 47-54

    Mechanisms of Submicron Grain Formation in Titanium and Two-Phase Titanium Alloy during Large Strain Warm Working

  8. Chapter

    Pages 55-60

    Nanostructured and Polycrystalline Ti Anomalies of Low Temperature Plasticity

  9. Chapter

    Pages 61-66

    Modeling of Grain Subdivision during Severe Plastic Deformation by VPSC Method Combined with Disclination Analysis

  10. Chapter

    Pages 69-76

    Ultimate Grain Refinement by ECAP: Experiment and Theory

  11. Chapter

    Pages 77-82

    Twist Extrusion as a Tool for Grain Refinement in Al-Mg-Sc-Zr Alloys

  12. Chapter

    Pages 83-88

    Microstructural Characteristics of Ultrafine-Grained Nickel

  13. Chapter

    Pages 89-94

    Refinement and Densification of Aluminum Nickelides by Severe Plastic Deformation

  14. Chapter

    Pages 95-100

    Low-Temperature Sheet Rolling of TiAl Based Alloys

  15. Chapter

    Pages 101-106

    Application of Diamond Anvil Cell Techniques for Studying Nanostructure Formation in Bulk Materials Directly during Severe Plastic Deformation

  16. Chapter

    Pages 107-112

    Anomalous Nitrogen Solubility in Gradient Nanostructured Layer Formed in the Surface of Bulk Iron by Severe Plastic Deformation under Friction

  17. Chapter

    Pages 113-119

    Evolution of Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Ti-5Mo-5Al-5V Alloy Processed by High Pressure Deformation

  18. Chapter

    Pages 121-126

    Martensitic Transformations in Nanocrystalline Fe-Cr-Ni and Fe-Mn Alloys

  19. Chapter

    Pages 129-136

    Precipitation Behavior in Age-Hardenable Alloys after Severe Plastic Deformation

  20. Chapter

    Pages 137-144

    Understanding the Textural and Microstructural Development in Two-Pass ECAP by Route A of a Commercial Aluminium Alloy

  21. Chapter

    Pages 145-150

    Microstructural Refinement Of Bulk Nb And Ta by Severe Plastic Deformation for Composite Superconductor Applications

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