Book Volume 84 2005

Phenomenology of Life. Meeting the Challenges of the Present-Day World


ISBN: 978-1-4020-2463-4 (Print) 978-1-4020-3065-9 (Online)

Table of contents (32 chapters)

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  1. Front Matter

    Pages i-ix

  2. Topical Study

    1. Chapter

      Pages xiii-xxxvii

      The Pragmatic Test of the Ontopoeisis of Life

  3. Phenomenologists' Vocation in the World of Life

    1. Chapter

      Pages 3-11

      “Phenomenology of Life” as Chance for Philosophy’s Transformation into a New Humanism

    2. Chapter

      Pages 13-31

      The Meaning of Life vis-à-vis the Challenges of the Present-Day World

    3. Chapter

      Pages 33-41

      The Transcendental-Phenomenological Meaning of the Notion of “Experience” in E. Husserl and J. Dewey’s Philosophy

  4. The Role of the Philosopher Continued

    1. Chapter

      Pages 45-67

      Husserl’s Mission of Sovereignty of Thought

    2. Chapter

      Pages 69-79

      The Task of Philosophy and the Significance of the Vocation of the Philosopher for Human Life in Husserl’s Phenomenological Analysis

    3. Chapter

      Pages 81-95

      Towards a Phenomenology of Courageous Willing

    4. Chapter

      Pages 97-116

      Becoming Phenomenology: Style, Poetic Texture, and the Pragmatic Turn in Gilles Deleuze and Michel Serres

  5. Sharing-in-Life

    1. Chapter

      Pages 119-128

      How Can We be Together: Intersubjectivity and Communication

    2. Chapter

      Pages 129-144

      A Critique of the Polarity in Edmund Husserl’s Intersubjectivity Theory

    3. Chapter

      Pages 145-163

      Lived Words: The Phenomenology of Poetry Experienced

    4. Chapter

      Pages 165-175

      Existence and Communication: Challenge of the Times

    5. Chapter

      Pages 177-191

      The Existence of Other Egos and the Philosophy of Moral Sentiments

  6. Ecological Concern and Their Groundwork in the Unity-of-Everything-There-is-Alive

    1. Chapter

      Pages 195-200

      The Beingness of Living Beings in Anna-Teresa Tymieniecka’s Philosophy

    2. Chapter

      Pages 201-216

      On the Idea of Environment

    3. Chapter

      Pages 217-234

      The Meaning of Life: A Topological Approach

    4. Chapter

      Pages 235-247

      Epistemological Relativism as a Challenge to Life Sciences — Do We Still Need Universals?

    5. Chapter

      Pages 249-261

      Meeting One’s Death in Arcadia

  7. Ciphering Life: From Theory to Practice

    1. Chapter

      Pages 265-274

      Objectivization of Time in the Obsessive World

    2. Chapter

      Pages 275-290

      Phenomenology, Linguistic Intentionality, Affectivity and Villemoes’ New Therapy for Schizophrenics

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