The Comparative Roles of Suspension-Feeders in Ecosystems

Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Research Workshop on The Comparative Roles of Suspension-Feeders in Ecosystems Nida, Lithuania 4–9 October 2003


ISBN: 978-1-4020-3028-4 (Print) 978-1-4020-3030-7 (Online)

Table of contents (20 chapters)

  1. Front Matter

    Pages i-xii

  2. Chapter

    Pages 1-9

    Modelling Particle Selection Efficiency of Bivalve Suspension Feeders

  3. Chapter

    Pages 11-29

    Field Measurements on the Variability in Biodeposition and Estimates of Grazing Pressure of Suspension-Feeding Bivalves in the Northern Baltic Sea

  4. Chapter

    Pages 31-51

    Can Bivalve Suspension-Feeders Affect Pelagic Food Web Structure?

  5. Chapter

    Pages 53-71

    Motile Suspension-Feeders in Estuarine and Marine Ecosystems

  6. Chapter

    Pages 73-92

    Impact of Suspension-Feeding Nekton in Freshwater Ecosystems: Patterns and Mechanisms

  7. Chapter

    Pages 93-120

    Influence of Eastern Oysters on Nitrogen and Phosphorus Regeneration in Chesapeake Bay, USA

  8. Chapter

    Pages 121-135

    How does Estimation of Environmental Carrying Capacity for Bivalve Culture Depend upon Spatial and Temporal Scales?

  9. Chapter

    Pages 137-146

    Impact of Increased Mineral Particle Concentration on the Behavior, Suspension-Feeding and Reproduction of Acartia clausi (Copepoda)

  10. Chapter

    Pages 147-164

    Suspension-Feeders as Factors Influencing Water Quality in Aquatic Ecosystems

  11. Chapter

    Pages 165-182

    Neoplasia in Estuarine Bivalves: Effect of Feeding Behaviour and Pollution in the Gulf of Gdansk (Baltic Sea, Poland)

  12. Chapter

    Pages 183-197

    Bivalves as Biofilters and Valuable Byproducts in Land-Based Aquaculture Systems

  13. Chapter

    Pages 199-219

    Significance of Suspension-Feeder Systems on Different Spatial Scales

  14. Chapter

    Pages 221-237

    Invaders in Suspension-Feeder Systems: Variations along the Regional Environmental Gradient and Similarities between Large Basins

  15. Chapter

    Pages 239-262

    Contrasting Distribution and Impacts of Two Freshwater Exotic Suspension Feeders, Dreissena polymorpha and Corbicula fluminea

  16. Chapter

    Pages 263-275

    Functional Changes in Benthic Freshwater Communities after Dreissena polymorpha (Pallas) Invasion and Consequences for Filtration

  17. Chapter

    Pages 277-289

    Does the Introduction of the Pacific Oyster Crassostrea gigas Lead to Species Shifts in the Wadden Sea?

  18. Chapter

    Pages 291-316

    One Estuary, One Invasion, Two Responses: Phytoplankton and Benthic Community Dynamics Determine the Effect of an Estuarine Invasive Suspension-Feeder

  19. Chapter

    Pages 317-330

    Development of Human Impact on Suspension-Feeding Bivalves in Coastal Soft-Bottom Ecosystems

  20. Chapter

    Pages 331-343

    Oyster Reefs as Complex Ecological Systems

  21. Chapter

    Pages 345-353

    The Roles of Suspension-Feeders in Ecosystems: Synthesis and Conclusions

  22. Back Matter

    Pages 355-359