Book Volume 435 1990

Advances in Cryptology — CRYPTO’ 89 Proceedings


ISBN: 978-0-387-97317-3 (Print) 978-0-387-34805-6 (Online)

Table of contents (60 chapters)

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  1. Front Matter

    Pages I-XIII

  2. Opening session

    1. Chapter

      Pages 2-5

      Keying the German Navy’s Enigma

    2. Chapter

      Pages 6-16

      Making Conditionally Secure Cryptosystems Unconditionally Abuse-Free in a General Context

    3. Chapter

      Pages 17-27

      On the Existence of Bit Commitment Schemes and Zero-Knowledge Proofs

  3. Why is cryptography harder than it looks?

    1. Chapter

      Pages 30-34

      Problems with the Normal Use of Cryptography for Providing Security on Unclassified Networks

    2. Chapter

      Pages 35-43

      The use of Encryption in Kerberos for Network Authentication

    3. Chapter

      Pages 44-63

      UNIX Password Security - Ten Years Later

    4. Chapter

      Pages 64-73

      Practical Problems with a Cryptographic Protection Scheme

    5. Chapter

      Pages 74-79

      The Smart Diskette A Universal User Token and Personal Crypto-Engine

  4. Pseudo-randomness and Sequences

    1. Chapter

      Pages 82-89

      On the Quadratic Spans of Periodic Sequences

    2. Chapter

      Pages 90-99

      The Shortest Feedback Shift Register That Can Generate A Given Sequence

    3. Chapter

      Pages 100-112

      Perfect Local Randomness in Pseudo-random Sequences

    4. Chapter

      Pages 113-127

      Sparse Pseudorandom Distributions

    5. Chapter

      Pages 128-136

      Bit Commitment Using Pseudo-Randomness

  5. Cryptanalysis and Implementation

    1. Chapter

      Pages 138-153

      How to Predict Congruential Generators

    2. Chapter

      Pages 154-163

      A Chosen Text Attack on The Modified Cryptographic Checksum Algorithm of Cohen and Huang

    3. Chapter

      Pages 164-174

      On the Linear Consistency Test (LCT) in Cryptanalysis with Applications

    4. Chapter

      Pages 175-185

      Batch RSA

    5. Chapter

      Pages 186-192

      On the Implementation of Elliptic Curve Cryptosystems

  6. Signature and Authentication I

    1. Chapter

      Pages 194-211

      New Paradigms for Digital Signatures and Message Authentication Based on Non-Interactive Zero Knowledge Proofs

    2. Chapter

      Pages 212-216

      Undeniable Signatures

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