The Basal Ganglia VIII

  • J. Paul Bolam
  • Cali A. Ingham
  • Peter J. Magill
Conference proceedings

DOI: 10.1007/0-387-28066-9

Part of the Advances in Behavioral Biology book series (ABBI, volume 56)

Table of contents (59 papers)

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xv
  2. Oscillations in the Basal Ganglia

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. Oscillations in the Basal Ganglia: The good, the bad, and the unexpected
      Thomas Boraud, Peter Brown, Joshua A. Goldberg, Ann M. Graybiel, Peter J. Magill
      Pages 1-24
    3. Do Local Field Potentials Reflect Synchronized Spiking Activity of Neuronal Populations in the Basal Ganglia?
      Judith R. Walters, Dan Hu, Christy A. Itoga, Louise C. Parr-Brownlie, Debra A. Bergstrom
      Pages 37-46
    4. Propagation of Cortical Paroxysms in Basal Ganglia Circuits During Absence Seizures
      Jeanne T. Paz, Pierre-Olivier Polack, Seán J. Slaght, Jean-Michel Deniau, Stéphane Charpier
      Pages 55-63
    5. Limitations of the Isolated GP-STN Network
      Ian M. Stanford, Krim C. Loucif, Claire L. Wilson, Diana Cash, Michael G. Lacey
      Pages 65-73
  3. Cholinergic Mechanisms in the Striatum

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 75-75
    2. Short and Long Term Modulation of Synaptic Activity in Striatal Cholinergic Interneurons
      Paola Bonsi, Massimo Tolu, Franco Lavaroni, Giorgio Bernardi, Paolo Calabresi, Antonio Pisani
      Pages 91-97
    3. Striatal Acetylcholine Control of Reward-Related Dopamine Signalling
      Stephanie J. Cragg, Richard Exley, Michael A. Clements
      Pages 99-108
    4. Changes of Glutamatergic Control of Striatal Acetylcholine Release in Experimental Parkinsonism
      Flora Mela, Matteo Marti, Clementina Bianchi, Michele Morari
      Pages 109-117
    5. Peptidergic Regulation of Cholinergic Transmission in the Dorsal Striatum
      Marie-Louise Kemel, Maritza Jabourian, Sylvie Pérez, Jacques Glowinski
      Pages 119-128
  4. Pharmacological and Receptor Studies of the Basal Ganglia

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 129-129
    2. Oligomerization of Dopamine D1 and Glutamate NMDA Receptors: A New Mechanism Regulating Striatal Function
      Chiara Fiorentini, Chiara Busi, Sandra Bontempi, PierFranco Spano, Cristina Missale
      Pages 141-149
    3. Modulatory Role of NK1 Receptors in the Basal Ganglia. Studies in NK1-/- Mice
      Laura Turpín, Jorge Boronat, Carlos Barcia, María Gómez, Francisco Ros, Virginia García et al.
      Pages 151-159
    4. Trace Amines Cause More than One Effect on Dopaminergic Neurons
      Raffaella Geracitano, Mauro Federici, Alessandro Tozzi, Patrizia Longone, Giorgio Bernardi, Nicola B. Mercuri
      Pages 161-175
    5. Regulation of Dopamine Release and Dopamine Cell Activity by Endogenous H2O2: Implications for Basal Ganglia Function
      Margaret E. Rice, Jyoti Patel, Li Bao, Zsuzsanna S. Pearson, Pullani Shashidharan, Ruth H. Walker et al.
      Pages 177-186

About these proceedings


The aim of the International Meetings of the Basal Ganglia Society (IBAGS) is to provide a unique environment for the open presentation and discussion of new and challenging information about the basal ganglia as it relates to health and disease, covering all areas of basic science and research. Specific topics of the proceedings of this Eighth International Triennial Meeting of the Basal Ganglia Society include behavior, circuitry, functional imaging, modelling, movement disorders, neuropathology, neurotransmitters, pharmacology, physiology, plasticity, treatments for basal ganglia disorders, ventral systems, health and disease, immunology and basal ganglia, and much more.


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