, Volume 60, Issue 2, pp 230-234
Date: 28 Jan 2012

Characterization of a high-power piezoelectric energy-scavenging device based on PMN-PT piezoelectric single crystals

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In this paper, we present the calculations and the results for vibration-energy-scavenging performances based on a piezoelectric single-crystal beam. Using the measured mechanical damping ratio and electro-mechanical coupling coefficient of a novel cantilever structure device, we calculated the output performances and compared them with the measured results. A device based on a bimorph cantilever structure with a proof mass was designed to have a natural resonance frequency of about 60 Hz, and the energy-scavenging capability of piezoelectric single crystal was measured. The results showed that several tens of AC volts and a few milliwatts power were achieved under a 0.1 g rms vibration condition. Also using this device and a commercial power management circuit, we performed Li-ion battery charging experiment.