Behavior Research Methods

, Volume 39, Issue 4, pp 789–796

Using PsyScope to conduct IAT experiments on Macintosh computers


    • Department of PsychologyHamilton College
  • Mark A. Oakes
    • Department of PsychologyHamilton College
  • Margaret E. Van Wyk
    • Department of PsychologyHamilton College
  • Tyler A. Zink
    • Department of PsychologyHamilton College

DOI: 10.3758/BF03192970

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Borton, J.L.S., Oakes, M.A., Van Wyk, M.E. et al. Behavior Research Methods (2007) 39: 789. doi:10.3758/BF03192970


The Implicit Association Test (IAT; Greenwald, McGhee, & Schwartz, 1998) is one of the most widely used tools for assessing implicit attitudes. To date, most IAT experiments have been run using Inquisit, a PC-based program. In the present article, we describe a method for conducting IAT experiments using PsyScope, a free, downloadable, Macintosh-based program (see Bonatti, n.d., for the OS X version; Cohen, MacWhinney, Flatt, & Provost, 1993, for the OS 9 version). In addition, we explain how data can be imported into SPSS for analysis. Preliminary results indicate that, in comparison with the PC version of the IAT, the Macintosh version provides similar sensitivity in measuring implicit self-esteem. Our PsyScope script and SPSS syntax may be downloaded from

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