, Volume 37, Issue 2, pp 219-223

The APA Style Converter: A Web-based interface for converting articles to APA style for publication


The APA Style Converter is a Web-based tool with which authors may prepare their articles in APA style according to the APAPublication Manual (5th ed.). The Converter provides a user-friendly interface that allows authors to copy and paste text and upload figures through the Web, and it automatically converts all texts, references, and figures to a structured article in APA style. The output is saved in PDF or RTF format, ready for either electronic submission or hardcopy printing.

Preparation of this article and the work reported here were made possible by Grant BCS-0131829 from the National Science Foundation to P.L. We thank Megan Kuhn and Sara Sepanski for their assistance in the development of the teaching resource Web site for Guidelines on Writing in APA Style. We also thank Xiaowei Zhao and Shuxia Liu for making the Chinese version of the APA Style Converter. Updated versions of the Converter are available at http://cogsci.richmond.edu/APAconverter/ main.html.