Micro Experimental Laboratory: An integrated system for IBM PC compatibles


Micro Experimental Laboratory (MEL) is a third-generation integrated software system for experimental research. The researcher fills in forms, and MEL writes the experimental program, runs the experiments, and analyzes the data. MEL includes a form-based user interface, automatic programming, computer tutorials, a compiler, a real-time data acquisition system, database management, statistical analysis, and subject scheduling. It can perform most reaction time, questionnaire, and text comprehension experiments with little or no programming. It includes a Pascal-like programming language and can call routines written in standard languages. MEL operates on IBM PC compatible computers and supports most display controllers. MEL maintains millisecond timing with high-speed text and graphics presentation. MEL provides a systematic approach to dealing with nine concerns in running an experimental laboratory.

For detailed descriptions of the Micro Experimental Laboratory software and demonstration floppies, contact Psychology Software Tools, Inc., 511 Bevington Rd., Pittsburgh, PA 15221 (phone 412-244-1908). The cost of licensing the system varies, depending on features requested and quantity ordered. Single licenses are $295 for the student edition, $495 for the professional edition.