Instrumentation & Techniques

Behavior Research Methods & Instrumentation

, Volume 11, Issue 5, pp 498-502

Eye blink elicitation and measurement in the human infant

  • Roger R. MarshAffiliated withChildren’s Hospital of Philadelphia
  • , Howard S. HoffmanAffiliated withBryn Mawr College
  • , Christopher L. StittAffiliated withDepartment of Industrial Relations and Organizational Behavior, Temple University


Eye blinks elicited by a mechanically produced tap to the glabella (the flattened area between the eyebrows) are monitored by a device that projects low-intensity infrared light, which is reflected from the eyelid and detected by a phototransistor. Appropriate filtering and decoding circuitry insures reliable tracking of responses. Comparison of the optical eye blink monitor with a minitorque potentiometer monitor showed the two devices to yield similar recordings.